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1 Lazlo Zalezac Coming up:
2 Banadin New Mary Jackson Story
3 Mark Elias What am I doing?
4 Mark Elias New Discord Channel
5 Banadin Book 11 Interesting Times
6 Mark Elias Summer's Dance - Allison's Story
7 Banadin The Richard Jackson Saga Book 11 Interesting Times
8 Ernest Bywater New Clan Amir of Berant e-book files on Bookapy
9 Mark Elias Update
10 Iskander The story behind the cover of "Through my Eyes. Again."
11 Mark Elias Major Setback
12 Mark Elias Corrections
13 Mark Elias Coming Soon!
14 Mark Elias Work Continues
15 AA Nemo Chapter 17 A Lodi Christmas All italics! Don't know why
16 Lazlo Zalezac NEXT!!!!!
17 AA Nemo Jacob's Granddaughters - A Cover
18 AA Nemo A Lodi Christmas chapter 17 to editing
19 Lazlo Zalezac Emend by Eclipse
20 Mark Elias Cover Art