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Black Star Part 2

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The next part of Black Star should be dropping sometime today. One chapter every Monday just like with the last part. If you'd like to read ahead, please consider joining my patreon.

Part 2

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Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading my story. Chapter 35 will be the last chapter for part 1 of the Black Star Saga. I wanted to let you all know that I'll be taking a break for the holidays. Chapters for part 2 of Black Star will be dropping in January of 2024. If you can't wait that long, check out my patreon and consider supporting my work. The second part of the Black Star Saga will focus more on Ryan and Eclair. I hope you're enjoying the story so far. Please be sure to vote or leave comments so that I can improve my craft. It's my hope to one day make this a full-time career, and your input and support helps bring us closer to that goal. See you next year. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. https://www.patreon.com/Uruks

Subsciber Tally

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Hey guys! I'm making a tally of all my supporters. I wanted to know if any of you are also subscribed to my other sites on Storysonline and Scifistories. If so, let me know so I can do an accurate count of all my followers.

Volume 3

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Chapters are up for those who wish to become a patron



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Just published my first part 1 and part 2 of The Ministry of Fire on Bookapy. Please consider buying a copy and leaving a review if you have enjoyed my work.