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  1. Mail/Feedback system
  2. How is the score calculated? And how does scoring work in general?
  3. I don't understand those little codes attached to each story listing, what do they mean?
  4. I just logged in to the site and when I first clicked a link I got a message that I already have reached my limit for the day, why?
  5. Some stories have a yellow background behind the story number in the listings, why is that?
  6. What is this foreign currency fee that I was charged?
  7. Does the Amazon Kindle work with the site?
  8. Download limit reached prematurely!
  9. Some stories have no voting mechanism to allow me to vote, why?
  10. How can I submit reviews for stories?
  11. I'm using Firefox and visited links are not changing color, why?
  12. How do I turn off the scroll bar


  1. What's the difference between series and serial? How do I choose?
  2. What is an author Blog? And why would I need one?
  3. What type of files are accepted for submitting stories?
  4. Can I have story versions? How do I change/maintain story versions?
  5. How do I create a Universe?
  6. What are the building blocks available to authors?
  7. How to turn off MS Word's autoformat
  8. How do I post my stories on the site here?
  9. How to structure submissions' text for best result
  10. How do I create a series?
  11. Can I have more than one pen name on the site?
  12. How do I go about protecting my privacy?
  13. How do I insert a note at the beginning of a story?
  14. How are the story/chapter stats gathered?
  15. How do I hand-format HTML files for correct results while posting?
  16. How do I submit a story or chapter with images?
  17. How do I edit the text of an already-posted story?
  18. How do I add my stories to a public universe?
  19. How to upload MS Word files through the submission wizard
  20. How do I delete some or all my stories from the site?
  21. What is a series?
  22. How do I change the email address where I receive readers' feedback?
  23. What is a Universe?
  24. How do I edit my story's name, description or attached codes?