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Introducing The Ladies of the Labyrinth

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The Ladies of the Labyrinth is an allegorical fantasy series that began with paintings I created for the Cosmic Cowgirls "Legend" painting and writing course.

The series currently comprises 5 loosely related stories across an indeterminate span of time and space, and in various states of completion. Series updates will be shared here. For a behind-the-scenes look at the work-in-progress and finished artworks related to the stories, see the Knucklehead House Press Patreon page.

Original paintings and signed museum-quality prints of my paintings are also available. See my website, www.taraerin.com, for more information.

Stories in this series currently include:

Keeper of the Labyrinth, Part 1: The Package
Tara's story begins.
Preparing for a cross-country move, I find myself on a very different adventure in a very different place than I expected. This story begins in the present-day, and will begin to interweave with characters from the other four stories as it progresses.

The Girls of Skogtarn-i-Sor
Astrid's origin story.
A strange woman and her daughter come to live in a sheltered and secluded town, changing forever the live of two girls living there.

Keeper of the Labyrinth, Part 2: Sessrumnir
Tara's story continues...
Tara answers the Call to Adventure and begins her quest...

The Maiden of Winterheart Castle
Dani's origin story.
To save her kingdom, a queen makes a deadly alliance for her daughter. But things are not always what they seem...

Keeper of the Labyrinth, Part 3: The Waters
Tara's story continues...
Tara plants the seeds of her future in the Garden of her Heart's Desire.

The Sanctuary of the Mountain
Morgan's origin story.
The young ruler of a defeated kingdom must lead her people to safety and reclaim her kingdom...or build a new life for them all.

Keeper of the Labyrinth, Part 4: The Red Thread
The Ladies of the Labyrinth take on their greatest challenge.
Tara journeys into the labyrinth at the heart of it all and discovers an ancient secret, an ancient wrong which only the Ladies of the Labyrinth can set right.

The above list will be updated if and as the series expands. I hope you enjoy it all!