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Avenger of the Slain (Director's Cut) by Celtic Bard

Reporter Seosamh O'Niall had seen it all and gotten really good at reporting on it. That was until he got a call one night from his sister's godfather, a cop working on a recent serial murder case. In a dark, rain-wet alley he found he only knew half of what "it all" entailed. When he saw the sheet covered lump that was his sister laying in the alley, he learned the rest of "it all." His soul demanding justice, his study with druids allowed him to seek it. But all power comes at a price.

Age Rating: Older than 13
Tags: Crime, Drama, Violence, Religion, Mystery, Supernatural, Fantasy, Magic
| Votes: 184 | Score: 7.48
Size: 30KB | 5,704 words | Posted:
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Lumpy : A New Series Starts June 30th

Election Day continues to post every Saturday, but in 2 weeks I'm going to start posting chapters of a new coming of age series. If you liked the Destiny books, I guarantee this story will hit similar ... more
Serial Update

General Sid by Lazlo Zalezac

Our Hero, Sid, returns to Chaos to face his greatest challenge. After assembling a small cadre of advisors, Sid recruits a small army to take on the slavers and to rescue three Damsels in Distress who have become enslaved. Follow his exploits as one of four generals in the Chaos Slave War.
Added Chapters 31,32

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Romance, Slavery, Violence, War
| Votes: 41 | Score: 8.95
Size: 645KB | 124,009 words | Downloads: 4036 | Posted: | Updated:
Serial Update

The Dance by Rooftop Herald

Tim and his father, James McKenzie, have just been through a year of heartache. Together they decide that there's no better way to move forward than to embark on an epic journey of discovery, growth, reconciliation and healing. Join them as they find that life goes on, that broken relationships can be mended and that a lost love can be rekindled.
Added Chapter 19

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Coming of Age, Romance, School, Young Adult
| Votes: 53 | Score: 8.66
Size: 614KB | 120,894 words | Downloads: 2976 | Posted: | Updated:
Serial Update

Georgia Moonrise by Mark Elias

A Georgia Moon Story (3)
Alex Jackson, an extremely quiet and shy kid, is recovering from a suicide attempt. As he starts high school he is faced with his most challenging task to date - meeting new people. For the first time, Alex must reach out and trust other people. Along the way he confronts more bullying, sports, and many other firsts. Will it all be too much, or will he find a strength he never knew he had?
Added Chapter 21

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Coming of Age, Romance, Drama, School, Baseball, Young Adult, Tear Jerker
| Votes: 44 | Score: 8.89
Size: 772KB | 158,097 words | Downloads: 4601 | Posted: | Updated:
Serial Update

A Ten Pound Bag by Emmeran

A man hits rock bottom and then gets super lucky, his luck always runs at the extremes.
Added Chapter 163

in progress Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: General
Tags: Romance, Slavery, Violence, Historical, Western, Time Travel
| Votes: 111 | Score: 7.83
Size: 1003KB | 196,342 words | Downloads: 22815 | Posted: | Updated:
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Rooftop Herald : Oops

I had two chapters lined up for posting today but something happened. I don't know if it's because after I had them queued I modified the posting, or if the content of the second chapter was slightly ... more
Serial Update

Election Day by Lumpy

John Taylor (6)
On the eve of the election, a religious fanatic begins threatening one of the candidates, resulting in the death of a Secret Service Agent when things escalate beyond simple threats. Taylor and Whitaker are tasked with finding the maniac before he can kill anyone else, including possibly the future President of the United States. The Secret Service, who don't approve of Taylors unorthodox methods, force the pair to once again work outside the system to accomplish their goal.
Added Chapter 5

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Crime, Violence
| Votes: 40 | Score: 8.38
Size: 113KB | 21,202 words | Downloads: 1910 | Posted: | Updated:
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Rooftop Herald : Mountain out of a Molehill

Well, I thought I'd have to do a lot of rewriting on chapter seven, but it turned out I was wrong. By the way, I hope you all caught the Billy Bob Thornton reference I slipped in there. If you can b ... more
Serial Update

Drafted Beyond the Stars by Wendell Jackson

a population is abducted by a government program to colonize a new world. Taken against their will, they must addapt and over come many obsticals.
Added Chapter 6

Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Drama, Violence, Science, Science Fiction, Space, Futuristic
| Votes: 119 | Score: 7.51
Size: 624KB | 119,866 words | Downloads: 5718 | Posted: | Concluded:
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UtIdArWa : Update

I've been asked to make a blog entry and let everybody know that I'm still around. Long story short, I'm still here and still kicking. Currently, I am finishing up another Matt Reynolds story. I mig ... more
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Rooftop Herald : Slowing Down

I just submitted chapter four so that should be up soon, but my posting rate may slow a bit as I need to rewrite some scenes to adapt to this site. TeNderLoin has been doing a great job editing and has been very responsive to my chapters and questions - the delay is on my end.
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Mark Elias : Progress Update

I just realized that it's been over a month since I posted a blog so I wanted to update everyone on how things are going. I am currently working on book 3 of the Georgia Moon series. The story of Alex ... more
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Rooftop Herald : Hi all!

Late last week I contacted TeNderLoin to see if he'd be willing to take on a new project and a first-time author. Thankfully, he agreed. I've learned a lot just from the first four chapters that have ... more
New Story

Mary's Fourth of July by Banadin

Mary has a bang up Fourth of July.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Comedy
Tags: Humor
| Votes: 21 | Score: 7.14
Size: 9KB | 1,817 words | Posted:
Author Blog

Banadin : Book 12 The Richard Jackson Saga

Escape From Siberia Book 12 of the Richard Jackson Saga is up on Bookapy. Also a new Mary Story has been posted on SOL and FS. Ed Nelson (Banadin)
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The Outsider : Once more unto the breach…

Again. Yet again. My hometown has had entirely too many Line of Duty Deaths since I started in EMS, that being more than zero. For a city the size of Worcester there has been entirely too much heart ... more
Serial Update

Country Living by Wendell Jackson

a renamed story, once was called salmon falls.
Added Chapter 7

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Coming of Age, Romance, Drama, Western
| Votes: 66 | Score: 7.39
Size: 134KB | 26,250 words | Downloads: 4298 | Posted: | Concluded:
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Ernest Bywater : Tinker Taylor - revised version with the Wizard

Now that Tinker Taylor has been fully up for a few days I think I've had all of the typos etc reported and corrected by now. While I have been making revisions while it was being auto-posted, I've now ... more
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Lazlo Zalezac : NEXT!!!!!

Since I did not get any feedback, I'm going to begin posting one of my Favorite Damsels in Distress stories: "General Sid." > It's a long story, and I'm certain you will enjoy it! As before, I'll be posting 1 chapter per day. > TeNderLoin }:-)
Serial Update

'Tinker' Taylor: Spy & Soldier by Ernest Bywater

A young man from a military background has an interesting upbringing that involves him in many things a person his age shouldn't be involved with. Told in the form of 4 books within this story Lee Taylor's first decades of life are full of action, adventure, and hard decisions. 75,000 words of action adventure.
Added Chapter 10 (final)

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Coming of Age, Crime, Military
| Votes: 125 | Score: 8.36
Size: 378KB | 74,711 words | Downloads: 4914 | Posted: | Concluded:
New Story

Papa and the Wrecked Angles by Greg Vanno

Johnny does real good in school cause his Papa helps him. Papa knows everything there is to know. Even matmaticle stuff.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Kids
Tags: Humor, School, True
| Votes: 8 | Score: 5.53
Size: 3KB | 782 words | Posted:
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Ernest Bywater : Sorority and Fraternity

I've had some email me with concerns on how a sorority operates, especially the one in my story Tinker Taylor: Spy & Soldier. So here's some information on what a sorority and a fraternity are. The ... more
Serial Update

Commune by Lazlo Zalezac

The real estate market is dead, the job market has dried up, the stock market has crashed, and cost of living has shot up. Half the world is faced with becoming homeless. Young and old alike are being pounded by events outside their control. Jack and Abby find what might be a solution - a commune. The result is even more than that - it is a community.
Added Chapter 34 (final)

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Drama
Tags: Romance, Drama, Dystopian
| Votes: 119 | Score: 8.56
Size: 763KB | 148,048 words | Downloads: 8042 | Posted: | Concluded:
Author Blog

Lazlo Zalezac : Commune is done.

So ends "Commune." After a year and nine months of daily postings, I'm taking a short vacation. I'll pick up again next week. > Drop me a line if you have a favorite you'd like me to post, so your friends can also enjoy. > TeNderLoin }:-)
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Mark Elias : Emotions - And a small update

Let me start off by saying that earlier today book 2, Georgia Moonrise, was inadvertently marked as completed. Thank you to those who caught that. It appears to have been corrected. I'm not sure what ... more
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Emmeran : Gloom, despair, and agony on me

"Gloom, despair, and agony on me Deep, dark depression, excessive misery If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all Gloom, despair, and agony on me" Yup, I posted the wrong version of Ch ... more
Serial Update

Sam by Pars001

A man is taken then returned. He's not the same or is he? Now with a lot of questions he leaves earth to search for the only other one like himself, so far.
Added Chapter 29

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Crime, Drama, Violence, War, Workplace, Mystery, Assassins, Spies, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Near Future, Extra Sensory Perception, Super Hero
| Votes:   | Score:  
Size: 543KB | 105,103 words | Downloads: 11754 | Posted: | Updated:
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Mark Elias : Bookapy Corrections

Made several corrections to the Bookapy files. They were small changes but nothing extremely serious. Mostly they were name changes where a someone referred to a character by the wrong name. Some of t ... more
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Mark Elias : New Updates

So I want to apologize a little bit. Originally I wanted to post the Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on the first day. There was a slight mix up (probably on my part) and because I was leaving to go ... more
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Lumpy : Election Day (John Taylor #6) Starts Posting May 22nd

A little longer than I wanted, but the next Taylor book is done. The first chapter will post on May 22nd. As with the other stories, the following chapters will post every Saturday after that. For t ... more
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Mark Elias : Book 2 - Saturday

Book 2 - Georgia Moonrise - will begin posting on Saturday. The prologue and first 2 chapters will post immediately. I will then post a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will also be ... more
Serial Update

Keeper by Charly Young

Lachlan Quinn is a PTSD-ridden finish-carpenter. He wants to build ordinary simple life. But his past catches up to him. As if worrying about a traumatized little 9-year-old shapeshifter wasn't enough. He has to deal with an inheritance he doesn't want, a town full of witches who hate him, and an ancient Hag who is trying her hardest to kill him How will a cursed legacy, a house in a sentient forest, and a beautiful stone-cold shape-shifting Panther help him deal with things.
Added Chapters 33-38 (final)

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Coming of Age, Violence, Military, Assassins, Drugs, Alternate Universe, Extra Sensory Perception, Supernatural, Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, Fantasy, Witchcraft, Dwarves, Elves, Magic, Royalty
| Votes: 115 | Score: 8.53
Size: 377KB | 71,927 words | Downloads: 4949 | Posted: | Concluded:
New Story

Mary's Bad Day by Banadin

Mary Jackson has a bad day.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Comedy
Tags: Coming of Age, Humor
| Votes: 38 | Score: 6.97
Size: 8KB | 1,753 words | Posted:
Serial Update

Hunter by Lazlo Zalezac

Mike lives through "interesting times" that follow when terrorists bring the 'War On Terror' to the United States. "This was what he was fighting to preserve — mothers taking their children to the park where they could play without fearing for their lives. {[I hate the fact that I can find no way to deal honorably with dishonorable people. I find it disgusting that in order to save what I value most, I must lower myself to their level.]}"
Added Chapters 48,49 (final)

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Romance, Politics, Violence, Science, Religion, War, Military, Spies, Science Fiction, Near Future, Robots
| Votes: 188 | Score: 8.72
Size: 1087KB | 204,446 words | Downloads: 16555 | Posted: | Concluded:
Serial Update

Lost Empire by Pars001

A man with a past, not tied to anyone makes a startling discovery that changes his life and his perceptions of it.
Added Chapter 77

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Violence, Science, Military, Pirates, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Aliens, Space, Futuristic, Nanotechnology, AI
| Votes:   | Score:  
Size: 1820KB | 344,127 words | Downloads: 58604 | Posted: | Updated:
New Story

Mary, Mary by Banadin

This is a short story about Mary Jackson, little sister to Rick Jackson of The Richard Jackson Saga. We learn about some of her trials and tribulations growing up in the Jackson household

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Comedy
Tags: Coming of Age, Humor
| Votes: 37 | Score: 7.78
Size: 49KB | 10,334 words | Posted:
New Story

Summer's Dance by Mark Elias

A Georgia Moon Story (2)
Allison Moon returns to Catchfly Acres, a camp she has gone to since she was a little girl. Now 14 years old she realizes this may be the last time she sees most of these summer friends, but an end to some relationships could me the start to others. This is a short story in the Georgia Moon series. It is suggested that you read the first book, Georgia Moonbeams, to fully understand the plot

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Coming of Age, Young Adult
| Votes: 49 | Score: 8.66
Size: 146KB | 29,515 words | Posted:
Serial Update

Last of the Breed by Wendell Jackson

crew from a space station orbiting earth return after most of the population is wiped out by war.
Added Chapter 3

in progress Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Coming of Age, Drama, Science, Western, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic
| Votes: 111 | Score: 6.92
Size: 77KB | 14,926 words | Downloads: 3487 | Posted: | Updated:
New Story

Fire and Oil by woodmanone

Fire and Oil don't mix,especially with an Ex.

Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Melodrama
| Votes: 76 | Score: 7.44
Size: 70KB | 14,359 words | Posted:
Story Review

Pawwriter reviewed Finders Keepers

I have been a reader of Science Fiction since my teens (& I'm now in my 80s). I've read most of the old masters of S... more
Serial Update

A Lodi Christmas by AA Nemo

This is a sequel to 'Jacob's Granddaughters,' and begins three years after that story ended. You can catch up with the gang at Three Corners Farm and also meet some new characters. Please read 'Jacob's Granddaughters,' and 'A Tyler Christmas' since they are intertwined.
Added Chapter 17

in progress Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Christmas
| Votes: 112 | Score: 8.23
Size: 835KB | 158,884 words | Downloads: 9557 | Posted: | Updated: