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Book 11 Interesting Times

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Book 11 Interesting Times which has been up on Bookapy as an ARC has had a major edit and update. For those who have bought it previously you can go to your bookshelf and download the updated copy for free.

Ed Nelson

The Richard Jackson Saga Book 11 Interesting Times

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Book 11 is now up on Bookapy.

If I apply myself and write a chapter everyday I found I can finish a book in under two months. Of course I'm mentally exhausted, but it was a fun ride.


Book 10 of the Richard Jackson Saga has been sent to Bookapy

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I have finished Book 10 of the Richard Jackson Series, Taking Care of Business. It is released as an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC). An ARC by definition has not gone through the complete editing process. I used Grammarly and Word but my beta readers have not had a swing at the complete story. So when I say any errors are mine I really mean it.

Ed Nelson (Banadin)

Update on book 10

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Since I posted last I have recovered nicely from my surgery, sold my house in Maryland and bought one in Florida. All moved, currently hanging pictures etc. Keep wife happy, repeat keep wife happy. Then next week is family visits for Christmas.

At exactly the half way point on book 10. Aiming to complete by end of first quarter next year.

In the meantime Podium Audible is releasing Volume 1 which covers books 1 & 2 on Dec. 22. Volume 2 with books 3 & 4 is out on Jan. 1.

Exciting times.


Oxford University

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Keeping a long made promise. Book 8 of the Richard Jackson Saga Oxford University has been submitted for posting on Finestories. This material has never appeared on Finestories, only sold on Bookapy or Amazon.

I know there are some out there who truly do not have the income to purchase this so I'm putting it up for free for one week. On July 21 it comes down and goes back into Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Banadin (Ed Nelson)