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Revised chapter 15

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Some wrong words, sprinkled some comas and rewrote page 1 because of a gun safety issue.


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I got busy as weather was too miserable to go out. And no I'm not moving north of the Artic circle so I will write all the time.

Chapter 14 has been submitted for posting

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would also like to announce the birth of our second great grandchild, a girl. Life has been good. Will try to write more in January.

Corvettes Backseat

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I have had so many emails about Corvettes not having a backseat that it inspired a very short story. BTW all the emails were sent in the right spirit and were appreciated, all one hundred and sixty two of them.


Chapter 10 has been corrected

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Updated Chapter 10 with my eagle eyed readers findings.