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Trumpets of Mars Ending & The Sands of Saturn Starting

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Friday will be the final chapter of the Trumpets of Mars (mostly an epilogue and a lead in to the next book). The next book is already scheduled to start posting on Friday Nov. 4th (about 2 and a half weeks from now). As always, the full thing will post up here and it will be available in the usual places (including Bookapy). Information, synopsis & cover area already up on my website ( along with pre-order info.

Going Home Chapter 11 Repost

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So apparently the chapter I preloaded up had an error in it (it was only the first paragraph, the rest was fine, I think). I was gone all day for a work thing and came back to a mountain of messages. I've submitted a repost of the chapter that fixes that first paragraph.

Taylor is back in a new story

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It's time for another story to start. The next Taylor story, Designated Target, will begin posting on Sept. 12th. Information on the book is up now and can be found on my author page,

A New, Stand Alone Story Starts July 9th

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The latest installments of Imperium and Country Roads continue posting every week, and the next installments of both have already started being written.

In the meantime, I have a new story called Going Home that will start posting here in a week an a half (July 9th). More information on it can be found at my author site,

The title is Going home and here is a brief synopsis:

You Can’t Go Home Again. Henry Brewer’s life has fallen to pieces. His NFL dreams disappeared years ago and now so has his life in the NYPD, along with his soon-to-be ex-wife. Forced to return to the small West Virginian town he grew up in, Henry comes face to face with his past, seeing it through the eyes of an adult. As if this wasn’t hard enough, he must figure out who he is now and what he wants at the same time.

Is it possible to reinvent yourself as an adult around the people who knew you as a child?

Corrections & Updates

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A whole bunch of updates across most of my stories going up today fixing grammar and spelling errors. They're queued up and should be processed through later today at some point.

Thanks to everyone whose sent me corrections.