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Corrections & Updates

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A whole bunch of updates across most of my stories going up today fixing grammar and spelling errors. They're queued up and should be processed through later today at some point.

Thanks to everyone whose sent me corrections.

Fanfare - Chapter 17

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I've been away dealing with day job stuff, and just got back to find I somehow had chapter 15 loaded up as chapter 17 when it posted, making the wrong chapter go up.

I've submitted the corrected chapter, although this can sometimes take a few hours to process.

Fanfare - Chapter 16

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It looks like there was an issue with this weeks upload. I'm cueing up a replacement for it now.

The Trumpets of Mars Starts April 22nd

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Book 2 of the Imperium Series will start posting on April 22nd. As always, information on pre-orders can be found on my author site

What's Next

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The last chapters of The Sword of Jupiter posted up today. The next book, called The Trumpets of Mars, is very nearly finished being written and just has to go through final proofreading. You should see chapters of it begin to post later this month.

Stay tuned here or on my author website for updates.