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Election Day Done & Book 7 Starting Sept 4th.

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Saturday the last chapters of Election Day posted and it is now up in it's entirety which means ... it's time for a new story.

The next Taylor book, Danger Close, will start posting on Saturday, September 4th. If you want information about getting it early or see a sneak peak at chapter 1, check my author site at

An Update on Playing by Ear Posting Schedule

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I'd planned out playing by ear to post one a week to give me time to write the sequel and get it released just as PBE finished, but the sequel is going faster than expected, so I'm stepping up the posting schedule a bit. It won't be every week, but you will see some weeks you get 2 a week instead of 1, and there will be 3 weeks where you get 3 chapters. This should mean PBE finished posting in Dec/Jan instead of late March, which is when it's currently scheduled to finish.

Playing be Ear Delayed Till Tomorrow

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Due to a technical issue (on my side, not Finestories), the first chapter of Playing by Ear won't post until tomorrow. All other chapters will post on Wed. however.

A New Series Starts June 30th

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Election Day continues to post every Saturday, but in 2 weeks I'm going to start posting chapters of a new coming of age series. If you liked the Destiny books, I guarantee this story will hit similar themes and be up your alley (although without any sci-fi bend).

The book is called Playing by Ear and the series is called Country Roads. It will post every Wed. starting the 30th. Information on getting the book in full ahead of time can be found at and my mailing list will get the first chapter in a few days if you want a preview

Election Day (John Taylor #6) Starts Posting May 22nd

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A little longer than I wanted, but the next Taylor book is done. The first chapter will post on May 22nd. As with the other stories, the following chapters will post every Saturday after that.

For those interested in more details about the book (such as getting it early), you can find details on my website,