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Just a word to let you know, I've had a death in the family. Haven't felt much like writing I hope I can again soon. I try to a little each day though it is difficult.


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I came to this site because I was asked nicely to join to share my stories. Share obviously the word is unknown here to most. I am on 5 other sites, this is the only one that all of my stories are treated and graded as Garbage. Look if most of you want me to leave I will I have people who actually appreciate all the hard work I do to write these. So therefore starting next week I will start pulling ALL my stories from here as the general consensus seems to be that no one likes anything I have written. Too bad for all of you as I said there are Thousands that do like them. A 5 or six tells me that you guys must really hate everyone. So goodbye I know when I am not wanted as It appears I am not here.


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Chap 24 of Lost Empire should be out today some time I hope all enjoy it. 25 should be along soon.

Lost Empire

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Chapter 19 of Lost Empire should be out tomorrow

New, old story

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posting one of my tamer stories hope all like I have corrected a few words through out wrote this a year ago.