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Free Brayin'!

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Whatever floats yr boat, Greg Vanno.

the old ‘Dare you to lick that frozen mailbox’ trick

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So, yeah, I'm back to being transcendental. But y'all believe anything.


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I wrote this back in the day. Updated for 2021.

Sharmaine tells how her ex, Linc, and his best friend Johnny, funded and equipped Linc's private mission to Mars.

You can call me Al, mostly

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I don't flash often. But this parable is so small, the only way I can handle it is flash.

You do remember I only steal from the best, right?

Almost a song, not quite a poem? I wish. It's flash fiction.

Not For Prophet!

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This story (More Than One Way to Lie) is fiction. It first posted in November, 2020. News reports in December 2020 about rumors of martial law not withstanding, this remains fiction.

I hope.