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1 The Machine by Wandering Lanes

A Blythe's Machine Story (1)
What if there was a way to go from here to another place, one that looks just the same but different? where is it? Here. How do you get there? Ah that's a problem - not getting there but getting back. As Jack and Susan finds out when they use Blythes Machine
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Military, Secret Agents, Alternate Universe, Alternate Timeline
Downloads: 3463 | Votes: 203 | Score: 7.42
Size: 66KB | 12,386 words | Posted:

2 Mack by Ernest Bywater

A Rivers Region Story
A young man with a unique heritage that guides his destiny has to deal with many hard issues starting with the murder of his father while 10 years of age. We follow his life for the next decade while he works to survive, protect his heritage, and fight the man he holds responsible for his father's death. He's more than what he seems, and strives to meet all his responsibilities. Set in Australia.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Coming of Age, Drama, Politics, School, Violence, Workplace, Young Adult
Downloads: 21856 | Votes: 512 | Score: 8.25
Size: 656KB | 130,826 words | Posted: Concluded:

3 Madazine by Scriptorius

This is a collection of zany stories ranging from 300 to 1,600 words in length. The first one is preceded by an introduction to the Madazine staff.
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Age Rating: Anybody
Tags: Humor
Downloads: 5682 | Votes: 25 | Score: 6.62
Size: 450KB | 83,499 words | Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )

4 A Magdalena Christmas by AA Nemo

This is a story in the 'Lodi' Universe. It is a sequel to 'Jacob's Granddaughters,' 'A Tyler Christmas,' and 'A Lodi Christmas.' those stories should be read first.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Drama
Tags: Romance, Drama, Christmas
Downloads: 1153 | Votes: 34 | Score: 7.85
Size: 211KB | 39,823 words | Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )

5 Magic by Lazlo Zalezac

Science is killing magic. The last of the magical beings decide that it is time for the return of a Merlin-like person to bring back the magic. The job requirements are: he's got to be an unlikely hero type that is lucky; he's got to own silver and be willing to trade it for a gift of magic; and he's got to be a horny guy with a bad fashion sense. / (Reviews)
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Humor, Fantasy
Downloads: 26266 | Votes: 238 | Score: 8.38
Size: 1234KB | 235,814 words | Posted: Concluded:

6 The Magic Box by Uncle Sky

This is a true story with no sex. The names (nics) have been changed to protect all.
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: True
Tags: Romance
Downloads: 1335 | Votes: 53 | Score: 6.21
Size: 13KB | 2,776 words | Posted:

7 The Magic of an Old Veteran's Dream by Lance Manne

The old veteran was feeble and frail. Would his final dream ever come true? I could make it happen. Would I take the time? Would those tired old eyes ever sparkle again?
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: True
Tags: Historical, Military, Aging
Downloads: 2010 | Votes: 186 | Score: 8.85
Size: 11KB | 2,327 words | Posted:

8 Mallard Heir by Ernest Bywater

A man just out of university inherits a trust in the USA. He has to live in the house it owns, but first he has to make it liveable. He also has to worry about some old feuds in place in this rural valley in the Appalachian mountains. He has to survive his first weeks in the mountains, and in doing so he finds a wife and partner for life while they deal with old feuds and the local weather. Set in Australia.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: General
Tags: Workplace, Rags to Riches
Downloads: 12276 | Votes: 502 | Score: 7.48
Size: 246KB | 49,993 words | Posted: Concluded:

9 Man in Debt by Scriptorius

'Man In Debt' is a novella-length piece in fourteen chapters. Largely in correspondence form, it concerns a battle involving a wily borrower, his lender and their two firms of lawyers. The principals move from hostility to quasi-friendliness. Their legal representatives go the opposite way, with farcical results.
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Age Rating: Anybody
Tags: Humor
Downloads: 1665 | Votes: 18 | Score: 6.64
Size: 173KB | 32,300 words | Posted: Concluded:

10 The Man on the Ground by Robert E. Howard

A feud is finally settled. In the public domain.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Western
Tags: Western, Pulp Classic
Downloads: 1867 | Votes: 96 | Score: 6.57
Size: 12KB | 2,204 words | Posted:
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