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1 Abby by Texrep

Thomas Tregonney has served the railway well and faithfully. When the railway is closed, what else should he do?
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Drama
Tags: Romance, Drama, Politics, Historical
Downloads: 34986 | Votes: 923 | Score: 9.43
Size: 1085KB | 204,170 words | Posted: Concluded:

2 An Abridged History of the Order by Celtic Bard

A Dark Wars Tale
Alexandra McKiernan is a Warrior of the Almighty, a Knight of the Faith, the Left Hand of God. The Order has been the servants and allies of her predecessors since the time of the Apostles. But from whence came this Order of warriors and holy men, wizards and scholars? This is a quick peek behind the light of the world into the Darkness the Order has fought for almost 2,000 years. Learn the truth concealed behind the veil which hides the battles waged in the Dark Wars of Human History.
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Spiritual, Religion, Historical, Military, Assassins, Secret Agents, Alternate Universe, Supernatural, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Monsters, Fantasy
Downloads: 3891 | Votes: 157 | Score: 7.68
Size: 75KB | 13,635 words | Posted: Concluded:

3 Academic Hero: a Late Beginning by Lazlo Zalezac

Damsels In Distress
Professor Edwin Jackson taught history, for the simple reason that he had a desire to live in historical times. Although offered many times to go to Chaos, he had always refused. He knew that the suggestion of a medieval world with Damsels in Distress was a result of the misguided imaginings of his good friend Gerald Jones. Better late than never. {5 chapters}
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Romance, Humor, Violence
Downloads: 2955 | Votes: 129 | Score: 7.84
Size: 86KB | 16,505 words | Posted: Concluded:

4 Accidental Family by Graybyrd

A man scarred by injustice, a lost love, and wounds of combat, finds himself volunteered as a foster father, a protector, and a combatant in a lethal struggle against a past bully and a vengeful cartel lord.
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Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Crime, Violence, Historical, Western, Military, Drugs
Downloads: 11876 | Votes: 312 | Score: 8.39
Size: 380KB | 71,971 words | Posted: Concluded:

5 Accidental Hero by Lazlo Zalezac

Damsels In Distress
It was a typical domestic violence call that sent him to the home of Sid Jones. Officer Mike Radford had no idea that there was nothing standard about it until he stepped into an empty closet. Travel along with Mike Radford as he becomes one of the small cadre of Earth Heroes rescuing Damsels in Distress on Chaos.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Romance, Violence, Science Fiction
Downloads: 3010 | Votes: 115 | Score: 8.08
Size: 152KB | 30,008 words | Posted: Concluded:

6 Act Naturally by Denham Forrest

A Story in the Spider and Fly Universe
A broke, down in the dumps — and down on his luck — divorced guy accepts the offer of a free drink from a nefarious one-time school classmate who he hasn't come across for years. But the friend takes him to a very questionable pub, where he meets an even more questionable character. The very next day his life is turned completely upside down... or maybe, the right way up!
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Melodrama
Downloads: 9898 | Votes: 713 | Score: 7.95
Size: 70KB | 13,017 words | Posted:

7 Adam and the Ants: the Beginning by LastCallAgain

An Adam and the Ants Story (1)
Being a superhero really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Especially with 'powers' like this!
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Coming of Age, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Young Adult
Downloads: 5812 | Votes: 175 | Score: 7.43
Size: 200KB | 37,882 words | Posted: Concluded:

8 Adown by Robert McKay

The world of Darvin Carpenter, a PI in Albuquerque, NM
Yirmeyah Hudson comes from rural Texas to Albuquerque to pastor a church, and - without realizing it - to meet his wife. See my blog post for some detailed information about the story. :)
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Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Spiritual, Religion
Downloads: 2756 | Votes: 57 | Score: 7.64
Size: 342KB | 67,507 words | Posted: Concluded:

9 Adventures of Skarth in Saltmarsh by Yendor

Here is an account of Skarth’s adventures in and around the town of Saltmarsh as he explores his newly-found freedom and establishes his place in the town and the world. A telling of a D&D campaign. This follows on from the story “Skarth”, I recommend reading that first.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Violence, Monsters, Fantasy, Dwarves, Elves, Magic
Downloads: 4675 | Votes: 59 | Score: 7.74
Size: 425KB | 82,124 words | Posted: Concluded:

10 The Adventures of the Cruiser Rachel by apa maximtrz

stories about the Blue Wolf Kingdom
this story is the first in a whole new series
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Violence, Science, Military, Science Fiction, Space
Downloads: 1466 | Votes: 79 | Score: 5.74
Size: 22KB | 4,060 words | Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )
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