The Magic Box - Cover


The Magic Box

by Uncle Sky

Copyright© 2010 by Uncle Sky

True Story: This is a true story with no sex. The names (nics) have been changed to protect all.

Tags: Romance  

Introduction:The following story is not a sex story. There is no graphic sex. There is perhaps some implied but nothing overt. I wrote this fable years ago about something that really happened on line. The characters are real but the names and nic names have been altered. It was a time of happiness for those of us who congregated in a certain news group. Many of us were Webtv users and the magic box mentioned here is the black box for Webtv.

The story started out to be a happy tale and that was what moved me to write it. Once I wrote chapter one I felt obligated to continue until the story was over. I hope you like it. Now on to the story.

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