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Reviews by underwoodjay
About underwoodjay:
Sorry I forgot to post anything about myself, I like to read and have decided that my opinion about the stories that I read are worthwhile bits of information. Once upon a time I was an aircraft mechanic, that changed after a minor car wreck back in 1993. Spent a little over two months in a hospital, that wreck resulted in long term disability from a traumatic brain injury. After being taught how to function as a human being again and being bored out of my head I started reading once again. I post reviews on the sister site Stories on Lone and now to this excellent site also.
  Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Survivor Ernest Bywater 2020-09-08 10 10 10
It Was Supposed to Be a Victory Garden Lazlo Zalezac 2020-08-24 9 9 10
That Highway 60 Drive Carter County 2020-08-23 8 8 8
A Prayer for Santa Jake Rivers 2020-08-21 10 10 10
Ambush at Willow Run aubie56 2020-08-16 8 8 9
Death Bringer 1 jj76 2020-08-13 10 10 10
And the World Went White Andyhm 2020-08-11 10 10 10
Thunder and Lightening Lazlo Zalezac 2020-07-14 10 10 10
Coincidence Denham Forrest 2020-06-11 9 10 10
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