Author's Description:
'The world went white' is flash story I wrote as an exercise earlier this year. There's no sex, just a lot of blood and guts. The aim was to write a short piece about the last two people in the world. This was my take on the subject. It is very tongue in cheek and was a piece that I had a lot of fun writing.
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Genre: Science Fiction
Age Rating: Older than 17
Tags: Humor, Horror, Travel, Science Fiction, Time Travel

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Ok, we have a time travel story, or is it Andyhm just blowing off smoke!

The story is titled ‘And the World Went White’, a futurists story of “Times Travel “,in which the MC is sent back in the distant past to examine velociraptors when everything goes wrong. This is a most enjoyable little short story, with blood and guts, dispare. The last paragraph is a true kicker of an ending. I strongly recommend reading this story just for the ending! ‘And the World Went White’ by ‘Andyhm’

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10