Volume II of Legacy: Those Who Are Fallen, Part 2 - Cover


Volume II of Legacy: Those Who Are Fallen, Part 2

by Uruks

Copyright© 2023 by Uruks

Science Fiction Story: Please read part 1 of Volume 2 before starting this novel. The story picks up directly after the events of part 1. While training on the moon of Galsin, Ryan and his friends are beset by mysterious forces under the command of the Fallen. At the same time, Ryan's teacher, Eramar Razor, is on the trail of a death cult known as the Mages who are in league with the Fallen. Revelations abound as our heroes discover truths they would have preferred to remain hidden.

Tags: Coming of Age   Romance   Humor   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   Clones   Dinosaurs   Robots   Supernatural   Werewolves   Angels   Demons   Ghosts   Fantasy   Dragons   Dwarves   Elves   Magic   Young Adult  

The source of this story is Finestories

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