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Death Bringer 4

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jj76 Death Bringer brings death to the door.
Tags: Humor, Violence
Age Rating: Older than 13
1 KB 557 53 8.06

Unexpected Adventure
Celtic Bard A Dark Wars Tale
Edgar Laetham had enough. He had spent enough time shedding blood and losing friends for Queen and country. A chance encounter with an old friend from Australia while recovering from a wound in Bahrain a year after the First Gulf War sent his life on a different path. How different he would not know until one fateful, rain-soaked day while driving his new charge through the streets of Harrow. After that day, he knew life with Dame Alice Spencer-Killdare would never be the same. Or boring!
Tags: Crime, Violence, Alternate Universe, Shapeshifters
Age Rating: Older than 13
31 KB 1898 136 8.05

03-11 Boat People
Ernest Bywater A Clan Amir of Berant Story
Children are going missing, it's believed they're being kidnapped for the child slave trade. The search is on to find out how they're getting them out of the country. RIS suspect it's by boat, so extra patrols are organised with additional troops on some of the boats. Gerry checks out a suspicious boat and catches up with it in International Waters. There are now political concerns here.
Tags: Politics, Violence, War, Military, Extra Sensory Perception
Age Rating: Older than 13
17 KB 1680 116 8.03

Fairy Tales
The Brothers Grimm This is a collection of German fairy tales first published in 1812 by the Grimm brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm.
Tags: Drama, Violence, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Witchcraft, Magic, Novel-Classic
Age Rating: Older than 13
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485 KB 1858 - -

Ernest Bywater A Rivers Region Story
A 9 year old boy's parents are killed by terrorist. He goes to live with his great grandfather until he's 16 when his great grandfather dies of cancer. His parents raise him to be free thinking and independent. His great grandfather adds to the training. David wants to stay living in the house he helped to build, but the welfare authorities won't allow it. So his great grandfather helps him to be true to himself when he runs away to stay free, and he finds a new life.- 52,200 words of action.
Tags: Coming of Age, School, Violence, Rags to Riches
Age Rating: Older than 13
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278 KB 5984 294 7.99

02-05 the Weekend Party
Ernest Bywater A Clan Amir of Berant Story
Isobelle's best friend is having a weekend long birthday party. But there's a few uninvited guests as well as a trick guest. Can they handle the trouble caused by the gatecrashers?
Tags: Violence, Extra Sensory Perception
Age Rating: Older than 13
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65 KB 1998 118 7.98

Destiny's Road
Young Adult
Lumpy A Destiny Saga Story (1)
Caspian Grey's life was already pretty weird, and then he started high school. He must cope with the bizarre changes in his life while trying to find the family he always wanted. A sci-fi coming of age story. (A note, there is a slow build here. Sci-Fi elements don't show up till around chapter 20)
Tags: Coming of Age, Romance, Violence, Science Fiction
Age Rating: Older than 13
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487 KB 12968 267 7.97

Give It Away
Jake Rivers Part 1: When Cindy storms out the door she throws her ring back at Jerry and tells him to give it away. She gives him back her love for him and tells him to just give it away. Sounds like a marriage in trouble! Part 2: Jerry's wife, Cindy, told him to "give it away," he couldn't. Would she ever come to him and ask him to "give it back?"
Tags: Romance, Crime, Drama, Melodrama, Violence
Age Rating: Older than 13
72 KB 3966 326 7.93

Lumpy John Taylor (1)
John Taylor walked out of the desert a different man than he was going in. After three years of torture Taylor is now an ex-soldier with a life in shambles facing a world that gave him up for dead and moved on in his absence. Taylor is forced to pick up the pieces when he steps in to help an outgunned Federal Marshal against unknown assailants. Now Taylor is on the run and saddled with a witness marked for death. Can saving the witness's life give Taylor back his own?
Tags: Crime, Violence, Military
Age Rating: Older than 13
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286 KB 12332 325 7.91

Boone - the Early Years
Ernest Bywater A fire destroys a farm in Virginia, so the family is moving west. Except the youngest is too ill to travel when it's time to leave. The boy and his grandmother stay behind to follow later. It takes so long for him to recover the two don't go west, and find local employment. A decade later rising political problems cause the young man and his grandmother to make a decision about their future. They'll go west, but it isn't that simple, or an easy journey. Written in US English - 72,700 words.
Tags: Politics, Violence, Historical, Western, Rags to Riches
Age Rating: Older than 13
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381 KB 6054 253 7.89