The Mind's Eye

by Pars001

Copyright© 2022 by Pars001

Science Fiction Story: A man retired from a secret government agency, hoped that his time with them was through. Little did he know that an enemy from the past was still on earth.

Tags: Crime   Drama   Politics   Violence   Spies   Secret Agents   Science Fiction   Aliens   Extra Sensory Perception  

I watched as the huge gleaming disk rose. As it climbed higher, I started to curse. The damn thing should have exploded by now.

It was almost out of sight, when there was a titanic blast and light show that appeared to be several miles up. A sad smile crossed my features as I bowed my head.

I shook my head as I moved away. At least now everyone dead and otherwise were safe. A sudden thought hit me. At least I hoped the world was.

OK, let me start at the beginning. My name is Bill Black. I am the oldest of three children, or rather I was, our brother passed away two years ago. At the time, I was in a somewhat secret investigatory agency of the federal government.

Our brother’s death hit me harder than anything ever had. Hell, even the two divorces were a cake walk compared to the gut punch that was.

So, here I was two and a half years later, still feeling like shit. I’m not sure you could say I was full of self-pity or massive depression. All I knew was that I was hardly able to do more beyond normal day to day functions.

That changed the day after the second anniversary of Wade’s death. I had just talked to my sister expressing not much really. As my gaze passed over the back sliding door, I saw a glow that was vaguely familiar.

As always, my mind ran though thousands of past things I had seen or done. Again, let me explain, our agency was called Sifi. I know, but then again, the truth is usually harder to believe than make believe.

We were called the Scientific investigation of foreign invasions. Foreign, that is to say, as in Aliens, no, not the type from other countries. Usually what we found were the odd practical joke, terror operation, with most explained by natural phenomena.

This occurred ninety-five percent of the time. Of the final five percent, two out of every five were the real deal. I had been at this job for well over twenty-five years.

I was there when a energy-like, benevolent race came to study us, well at first. They found that much of the human race had abilities, abilities that made the earth a target. They were the ones to warn us, arm us with weapons that weren’t physical. Those we developed later.

A group of twenty-five of us were, altered, changed? I am not quite sure how to explain, all I know is that something in our heads was changed. Esp, Telekinesis, Telepathy plus extremely powerful mental defenses.

The only problem was that most of those chosen were not exactly young. Over the next twenty-five years, a few died of age or disease. The rest, in the war that raged across our planet. We killed what had to be billions of the race that came to harvest the human race.

We had hoped that the Bellons would return as they promised, we just hadn’t realized that they had over twelve years to return to their plant then back to us with their fleet. A hell of a lot can happen in that time.

As the years passed, we all tried to train others to aid in the fight. I was the only one to achieve and train another two like us. When I left, they were all that was left of the Sifi corps.

The Fletecons, as the Bellons called them, were a completely war-like, vicious and merciless spider-like race. They thought nothing of slaughtering an entire continent or planet. They had tried it several times with earth, ‘til the point that the earth was more than a sore point for them.

The last major push two and a half years ago was by a gigantic fleet that tried to flank the planet. They lost over half their ships within the first hour. The problem was that this didn’t stop them. They kept coming. We lost four in the initial battle.

That had left three of the original twenty-five. Both of the ones I trained were strong though nowhere at my strength.

Over the next two weeks, the other half tried countless times to get through our defenses. As I stated before, we killed billions before a ship managed to get through. The alarms in my home were going off, indicating a ship in the atmosphere. I cursed as I went out the door to a waiting helicopter.

I was joined a moment later by one of the two I had trained. The Fletecons were obviously coming to wreck as much carnage as they could. I shook my head; this was reminiscent of the last time one of their ships had managed to land. After we landed, I stopped as the being I felt was more than vaguely familiar.

The large gleaming disk-shaped ship hadn’t changed much from what I remember all those years ago. Strangely enough, I could only feel one Fletecon, though not the first I felt. This caused me to go into an even more than cautious mode.

I signaled the other with me that something was wrong. They acknowledged as they stopped to cover me at a short distance.

I continued to advance, still feeling only one presence. I knew better than to just rush in. We had lost two the first time we had met them. No, I knew there were at least three others out there.

I had almost reached the hull of the ship when I felt two other fleeting lifeforms. A smile came to my face as I sent out a powerful mental blast, I felt it quickly immobilize both of them.

I turned as an opening appeared in the hull. I also felt a powerful probing wave of energy. This I easily batted away. The surprised look that appeared on the face of the Fletecon, if you could call that a face, was comical.

I hope you know you have set, your destruction. I sent the thought to the spider-like creature.

Ha! A soldier’s death for the glory of my race brings much more honor, came the creatures’ thoughts.

Ah! Then no honor is what you are to gain today. I am far stronger than you. With that, I applied extreme pressure to the creatures brain. I felt it scream as it tried to lunge toward me. Then, whatever they have for a brain, was just as suddenly a pulpy mush.

I turned to my partner, “call base, tell them we have a near defcon 1 situation. I am going after the last one. I’m afraid that they are going to be far stronger than these foot soldiers. It has been here before, go.”

“Alright,” the female said as she turned to go back to the chopper.

I zeroed in on the last presence now that the interference of the others was gone. Damn it! This one had a head start, plus was moving far faster than it should have been able to.

I concentrated, then lifted myself a few feet off the ground. I immediately propelled myself after the last Fletecon. I was moving quite fast, barely feeling myself catching up with it.

I knew that as soon as she made the call, the rest of the Sifi support would mobilize. The problem was that it would be a good twenty minutes before they could arrive. I also knew they had a bio-lock on me as I chased after the last warrior.

I started to curse again as I felt it slow, then stop. Damnit! That could only mean that it had encountered humans. Shit, this wasn’t good. I increased my speed to maximum, arriving in moments at a couple of homes.

I stopped as I scanned the area. Ah, there it was. Reaching out, I ripped the wall off the second house.

So, today I end the only survivor of the last assault. I sent to it, as it ripped the woman in half that it had been holding.

I think not. Your race is far inferior to us. I have increased my power many times. I ... The spider creature sent to me.

I smiled as I started to crush the creature as it tried to reach an unconscious male. Not this time, you are no warrior to use sheep like this. I sent my angry thoughts to it.

Your race will never win, even now your numbers are to the point that we will take this place with no trouble. We ... the creature started, then screamed as I crushed it to a paste.

I turned toward the few homes that were there. Shaking my head, I knew I had to kill the human bodies here. As I had feared, the Fletecon had infected all of them with a seed of itself.

I was starting to move to the first, when my partner landed. “Quick response team arrival in ten. So, you got it, huh?”

I nodded, “too late for all of these people, I am afraid.” I said as I moved to the chopper. “Base, I am executing prime safe, guard. Gonna need a clean up crew for at least twenty, maybe more.”

“Copy that, response team will help with safeguard if needed. Base out,” Came the voice on the radio.

I calmly started to move through all the people that were there. It wasn’t enough that they were terminated. I had to completely destroy their heads.

The response team arrived as I was blasting the head of the twenty seventh person. I reached out to see if I had missed any. I stood there for a few minutes doing as wide and strong a search as I could.

Satisfied, I moved toward the chopper with several of the response team. A moment later, I felt as if all my energy had left my body. Damnit! I had used far more energy than I’d have in a very long time. The last time had been against the same Fletecon, as like then, I felt the world spin as I went down.

I awoke almost a day later, in a hospital bed. Looking at the military nurse I saw taking my vitals, I knew it was bad. I had only been here once before, hadn’t enjoyed it then and knew I wasn’t now.

First came the major ass chewing I got from the Sifi unit commander. Then, by both of the females I had trained though, not nearly as bad. A few hours later, it was the last three of the twenty-five that had started the unit with me. They also weren’t as bad, considering whom I had gone against.

After I was released, I was really slow to get back to duty. I wish I had been more diligent.

I hadn’t realized that I had in fact missed someone that day. Another teen female had been at the very edge of the buildings. One that had abilities somewhat like the Sifi unit, abilities that had blocked her and what was living in her from me.

There are certain Fletecons that can seed weaker humans. The seed is a copy of themselves, that given time, can grow, crush and absorb that which makes a human, a human.

In the case of the young female teen, her abilities, though untapped for the most part, blocked the seed. I should say that they blocked it very well for over two years. Then, that which was the Fletecon, started to slowly take over.

So, we’re up to date. I saw the glow, my mind racing to recognize it. Clarity hit my mind when I saw the edge of a gleaming disk. I dived to a hatch, threw it open, then slid down the ladder.

Less than a minute later, I heard and felt an electric type of buzz, then the house exploded into large pieces. I barely had time to duck down the tunnel as debris filled the area where the ladder had been.

I ran as fast as I could to the other end. It took several minutes as it was over a mile-long tunnel. What in hell was a Fletecon ship doing on earth? Why in the hell hadn’t Sifi stepped in? I knew there were at least two still active.

At the end o the tunnel I had a radio set up only for the worst emergencies. Switching it on, I just hoped that it still worked.

“Base, this is Sifi actual one. I have a defcon one emergency, repeat defcon one emergency. I have a Fletecon vessel assaulting what’s left of my home,” I calmly stated.

“Be advised you are on a restricted military channel. Suggest...” the voice started.

“Listen to me you little shit! We have a earth-ending emergency. Get me your commander NOW! I have the honorary rank of Colonel, do it now before you’re court martialed!” I said, trying to remain calm.

Less than a minute later, an authoritative voice said,” Be advised again, this is a restricted channel.”

“I know that! I am the one who set the damn thing up. This is Sifi actual, I have a Fletecon vessel that has destroyed my home. Alpha code A11BC11TRI311, confirm,” I calmly stated.

“Alpha code A11BC11TRI311 confirmed, we are rolling a team to you, Sifi actual,” the voice said.

I grabbed a weapon I hadn’t used in over twenty-five years as I exited the tunnel. I stared at the wreckage that had been my home. I turned as I saw a gleaming off to the side of me.

So, I obviously missed one section. I won’t again. I sent my thoughts out. I also know that the human you have is all you have. Without your body there are no more seeds.

You are just as arrogant as you are now as you were then. The Fletecons thoughts came to me.

I was scanning the whole time, feeling just who the Fletecon had. I was surprised when I felt a human female presence there. Then I felt her abilities. Reaching in, I slowly strengthened them. Now let the damn Fletecon take her over. She didn’t have a lot of strength yet though; she was twice what she was.

I can see that I am going to have to make sure you are destroyed this time. The fact that you only have a human that could push you out will be a good revenge.

I felt the Fletecon slam the link I had close to her, though it was too late. I had left and strengthened her enough it had no chance. A minute later, I heard several jets fly over, then several missile strikes.

I smiled as I saw the ship try to rise, then, turned toward the ground. Hitting the ground with some speed, it immediately dug in, then down.

Damnit! I thought we had it. Then again, how in the hell had it found a ship? I thought that the government had dismantled it.

The loud advance of several people, had me turning to see an armed, twenty-man team advancing upon me.

“Hands up!” A man said as they reached me.

“I am Sifi actual, code name Alpha-defense one. I really don’t feel like the whole damn thing again,” I said with a sigh.

I started to lower my hands as several of the men pointed their rifles at me. “I said keep your hands up!” The first man said.

“You’re really going to make me do it aren’t you?” I told the first man whose face held confusion. “Alright,” each man’s face was shocked as their rifles hit the ground. What was worse, none of them could lift them off the ground. The same thing happened when they tried to pull their pistols.

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