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Top 50 Ongoing Serials, by Rating, in the Last 30 Days


1 Hunter by Lazlo Zalezac

Mike lives through "interesting times" that follow when terrorists bring the 'War On Terror' to the United States. "This was what he was fighting to preserve — mothers taking their children to the park where they could play without fearing for their lives. {[I hate the fact that I can find no way to deal honorably with dishonorable people. I find it disgusting that in order to save what I value most, I must lower myself to their level.]}"

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Romance, Politics, Violence, Science, Religion, War, Military, Spies, Science Fiction, Near Future, Robots
Downloads: 12864| Votes: 129 | Score: 8.31
Size: 1011KB | 190,239 words | Posted: in progress Updated:

2 A Ten Pound Bag by Emmeran

A man hits rock bottom and then gets super lucky, his luck always runs at the extremes.

Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: General
Tags: Romance, Slavery, Violence, Historical, Western, Time Travel
Downloads: 12642| Votes: 83 | Score: 7.67
Size: 655KB | 128,494 words | Posted: in progress Updated:

3 Last of the Breed by Wendell Jackson

crew from a space station orbiting earth return after most of the population is wiped out by war.

Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Coming of Age, Drama, Science, Western, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic
Downloads: 2810| Votes: 95 | Score: 6.80
Size: 77KB | 14,926 words | Posted: in progress Updated:
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