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21 Last Rites

by TC Allen

Tis is a quick look at the last days of a proud man felled by a stroke.

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22 Modern Day Witch Hunt - Finished?

by Ernest Bywater

This is a true accounting, in a report format, of the abuse of office by a number of people, and how they cause trouble for people who dare to believe in things different to them. In this case they use the cry of 'Child Porn' to scare people into accepting what they want. The worst part of this is the government greatly changing the law but not publicly saying they did. Sadly, this matter still has not ended well, but as best as can be. 34,400 words

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Tags: Politics, True
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23 Patrick

by Pedant

Gordy and Weena (10)
Patrick feels alone. Mary has died; Rob is very depressed; Weena is upset; Rachel is in Japan with her grandparents. It's a time of transition and growing into middle-school.

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24 My Life With a Lineman's Ticket

by aerosick

These are memories of my 45 years working in the Electric Power Field. Mostly as an Electric Journeyman Lineman climbing and building power lines across America. Traveling Linemen were called "Tramps". Many of my expressions, terms, tool names and actions are used only in the Lineman Trade. I will try to explain them as I go and try not to interrupt the stories. (Which, by the way, are mostly true) If any are not understandable to you, please Email me with the Link at the bottom. Thanks!

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Tags: Humor, True
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25 Kathy and the Banker

by Harrison_0978

While driving home from a funeral, a bank branch manager stops for car troubles, gives blood while waiting for car repairs, and meets a shy, lovely girl probably half his age.
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Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, True
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26 Of Red Noses and Reindeer Paws: a Christmas Memoir

by Laura Lee

It's the age old Yuletide question: Is there a Santa Claus? Here's how I discovered the answer to that eternal question.
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Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: True
Tags: Spiritual, True, Christmas
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27 Memories Are Made of Fish

by Jerome Norris

My stepfather and my Uncle Oscar had an interesting story they shared -- but there was something fishy about it.

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Tags: Humor, True
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28 Friends

by Dreaded

Obit on how I met my best bud

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29 My Longest Trip

by jeff thomas

True story of a son and the beginning of the evolution of his relationship with his father from that of father/son to that of best friends.

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Tags: Coming of Age, True, Baseball, Young Adult
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30 My Special September 11th Story

by Harrison_0978

About Hal and Cindy, who met in 12th grade, soon to be shaped forever by the abomination we call 9/11, and their daughter, who would know her father only through memories shared by her mother.
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Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Romance
Tags: True
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