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Enter the Darkness
Celtic Bard A Dark Wars Tale
A woman is gruesomely murdered in Cold War Germany and the only witness is her 5 year old daughter who can't remember what happened. Memories, though inaccessible to investigators, linger and change a once adorable little girl. And murder of a loved one will place that girl on the path of destiny. Odd occurrences, inexplicable enemies, and Cold War intrigue with an odd flavor alter this girl's life, shifting her from the front lines of the Cold War to the middle of the Dark Wars.
Tags: Coming of Age, Crime, Drama, Violence, Spiritual, Religion, Historical, Military, Assassins, Spies, Secret Agents, Travel, Christmas, Alternate Universe, Shapeshifters, Supernatural, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Monsters, Fantasy, Magic, Sports
Age Rating: Older than 13
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Fun Run
Ernest Bywater The Ghost Reporter of the local newspaper is at the finish line of the 20 km City Fun Run. What he sees and reports moves his column from page three to the front page.
Tags: Sports, Young Adult, Vignettes
Age Rating: Anybody
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Play Ball!
Ernest Bywater Due to family matters a teen boy moves to the USA, where he learns to play, and like playing, baseball. He works hard and enjoys his baseball. To him it's a fun sport, but he can't resist when they offering him good money to play professional baseball. However, there's one problem, few paid ball players are true professionals. He must choose between playing in a situation he doesn't like, or walking away from good money, and playing where he likes to play for the fun. 74,200 words
Tags: Workplace, Rags to Riches, Sports, Baseball
Age Rating: Older than 13
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Broken Wing
Science Fiction
Feral Lady Lan Peak a semi-retired military pilot was having a bad day. What he didn't know was it was going to become dangerous to try and collect a debt from a world government. Certain people were going to have a chat with him.
Tags: Politics, Violence, Assassins, Science Fiction, Sports
Age Rating: Older than 13
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Middle Innings
Autumn Writer Baseball reveals its truths as an aging pitcher is called upon to relieve in a close game.
Tags: Drama, Sports
Age Rating: Anybody
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The Son Extraordinaire Mrinalini R The coach of a local cricket team feels delighted to have at his disposal a prodigal talent. But, there are other reasons behind this strong attachment. However, in a span of a week, things turn sour
Tags: Coming of Age, Melodrama, School, Sports
Age Rating: Anybody
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