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1 Lifeline by Jay Cantrell

Ben Wallace's life seemed perfect. He had a family he adored and a career he enjoyed. A single call from his past thrust him into a world of violent criminals and put everything he loved in peril.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Drama
Tags: Crime, Mystery
Downloads: 30541 | Votes: 888 | Score: 9.36
Size: 621KB | 117,355 words | Posted: Concluded:

2 Human Phoenix by Refusenik

The Human Series (1)
You can't hide from your past forever, but it's easier if you're a foster kid in rural West Texas. Scott MacIntyre was different in more ways than even he knew. (this was my first attempt at writing a novel)
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Coming of Age, Crime, School, Violence, Military, Mystery, Aliens
Downloads: 35412 | Votes: 906 | Score: 9.26
Size: 1416KB | 262,189 words | Posted: Concluded:

3 The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

Five Prisoners of war escape by hijacking a balloon and end up on an uncharted island where they find weird things
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Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Mystery, Travel, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 3052 | Votes: 42 | Score: 9.15
Size: 1085KB | 193,361 words | Posted:

4 The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Leblanc

Lupin, under the name of Serge Rénine, trying to conquer the heart of a young lady, travels with her, solving eight mysteries on the way.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Mystery
Tags: Romance, Crime, Detective, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 1174 | Votes: 17 | Score: 8.87
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5 The Teeth of the Tiger by Maurice Leblanc

Arsène Lupin's toughest case. He tries to solve a case where people are getting poisoned
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Mystery
Tags: Crime, Detective, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 1731 | Votes: 30 | Score: 8.59
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6 Danger Close by Lumpy

John Taylor (7)
When an army base in west Texas has a series of thefts and murders that threaten to derail military budget negotiations, the new president sends Taylor and Whitaker to find the culprits and quietly end the situation before it can become public knowledge. When they arrive, however, the pair finds that theirs is not the first investigation into the situation and that the previous attempts to stop the thefts failed because of criminals on the inside.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Thriller
Tags: Crime, Violence, Military, Mystery
Downloads: 9451 | Votes: 143 | Score: 8.57
Size: 349KB | 67,705 words | Posted: Concluded:

7 Tripwire by UtIdArWa

A Mountain Man Story (6)
Matt and Suzy help a Marine vet.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Drama, Military, Mystery, Assassins, Secret Agents
Downloads: 11726 | Votes: 307 | Score: 8.57
Size: 224KB | 43,863 words | Posted: Concluded:

8 The Case of the Murdered Man by Mendon Fishers

Percy Holmes, a dective, workes some deadly cases
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Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Mystery
Tags: Crime, Detective
Downloads: 2749 | Votes: 195 | Score: 8.40
Size: 277KB | 54,224 words | Posted:

9 101 Bell Whistle by JimWar

Sometimes, even when times are hard, an opportunity arises. Sometimes such an opportunity can lead to adventure and give up mysteries that beg to be solved. Sometimes the solving of those mysteries can bring riches, adventure and sometimes even more mystery. Sometimes we find romance in such adventures. Sometime we find answers to questions that we never asked. Meet Joe and let the adventure begin.
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Mystery
Tags: Puzzles, Slavery, Historical, Pirates
Downloads: 8343 | Votes: 554 | Score: 8.40
Size: 259KB | 50,050 words | Posted: Concluded:

10 Toman of the Cherokee by Pars001

A story in the Mage and Magic Universe
A mage and his grandfather on the run in ancient America. Wanted for murder Toman thought his life was over. Little did he know what laid ahead.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Coming of Age, Romance, Politics, Violence, War, Mystery, Assassins, Bounty Hunters, Spies, Travel, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Space, Shapeshifters, Extra Sensory Perception, Monsters, Fantasy, Magic
Downloads: 1758 | Votes: 53 | Score: 8.31
Size: 443KB | 89,542 words | Posted: Concluded:
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