In the Darkness Falling

by Celtic Bard

Copyright© 2015 by Celtic Bard

Fantasy Story: Alice Spencer-Killdare has settled into her new life as heiress, Knight of the Royal Victorian Order, and Left Hand of God following the events in Belfast almost five years ago. Now a student at Oxford, she splits her time between studying and fighting in dark places. But when her Uncle Eoin gets embroiled in a post-Cold War mess, suspicions abound that the mess was really aimed at her. So she finds herself a member of his party as they go to the US to set things right and find the bad guys.

Tags: Coming of Age   Romance   Crime   Politics   School   Slavery   Violence   Religion   Historical   War   Mystery   Assassins   Spies   Secret Agents   Alternate Universe   Shapeshifters   Supernatural   Vampires   Werewolves   Angels   Demons   Monsters   Fantasy   Dragons   Witchcraft   Magic   Knights   Royalty  

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