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21 The Skylark of Space

The first book in the Skylark series and pits the hero, Dick Seaton, against Marc "Blackie" DuQuesne. Seaton is intelligent, good-looking, young, and capable. So is DuQuesne, but he is totally unprincipled and has a lot of money. Seaton is an idealistic scientist making his discoveries for the good of mankind. DuQuesne is pragmatic, out only to gain personal power and enrich himself, and will go to any lengths to win.

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 6082| Votes: 138 | Score: 8.79
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22 The Second Hundred Years

A Story in the The Trilogy and More Western Universe
The strange saga of James Randal begins

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Romance, Drama, Science Fiction
Downloads: 12492| Votes: 754 | Score: 8.77
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23 Convergence

Evolution (3)
The only hope humanity has to meet the Aliens, on an even footing, is with US resources, so Scotty must win the Presidency. Preparing for Aliens aren't the only challenge the host/Companion cadre face. Robert Branch (AKA Abdul Ali Hassan) is loose in the world, and he is inhabited by a Demon, the antithesis of Companions. Branch and his Demon escaped to Syria in 2012, and began organizing groups of Saddam Hussein's officers and fighters. The power behind the throne of ISIS is evil incarnate.

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Humor, Politics, Violence, Science, War, Military, Assassins, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Nanotechnology, Near Future, AI, Extra Sensory Perception
Downloads: 21170| Votes: 237 | Score: 8.75
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24 Llana of Gathol

A Barsoom Story (10)
A collection of stories that revolve around John Carter's granddaughter Llana of Gathol

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Travel, Science Fiction, Aliens, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 1248| Votes: 36 | Score: 8.75
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25 Chaos Calls 03: the Dragon Dilemma

Damsels In Distress
Al Adams is on his way back to Chaos for another rescue, and to do more about setting up his base of operations. This time he has a problem, he's being asked to make a rescue that all the other Heroes have knocked back as a fancy form of suicide! The Damsels are captives of Dragons, a protected species he can't hurt. The Dragons are big, and dangerous. What can he do? He's their last hope, dare he refuse, like the others have?

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Drama, Violence, War, Science Fiction, Aliens, AI, Extra Sensory Perception, Dragons
Downloads: 5942| Votes: 327 | Score: 8.73
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26 Swords of Mars

A Barsoom Story (8)
Carter relates an adventure commencing with a private war he and his picked followers have been waging against the resurgent Guild of Assassins, led by Ur Jan.

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Travel, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 2068| Votes: 35 | Score: 8.71
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27 The Chessmen of Mars

A Barsoom Story (5)
Tara meets Prince Gahan of Gathol, and is initially unimpressed, viewing him as something of a popinjay. Later she takes her flier into a storm and loses control of the craft, and the storm carries her to an unfamiliar region of Barsoom. After landing and fleeing from a pack of ferocious Banths (Martian lions), she is captured by the horrific Kaldanes, who resemble large heads with small, crab-like legs.

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Novel-Classic
Downloads: 2305| Votes: 48 | Score: 8.60
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28 Mothers and Daughters

A lot of parents tell their children, "I hope you have a child who is just like you." What's worse than having a child just like yourself? Maybe it is having a daughter who is just like your mother!

Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Robots
Downloads: 1725| Votes: 89 | Score: 8.59
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29 Prototype Ten

Will was just an average guy until a terrorist's bomb stripped away everything that he loved in life. When he came across the ad for volunteers for a super-soldier experiment, he figured he had nothing to lose, and if it all worked out, maybe he'd be able to get revenge. Little did he or the people running the program realize just how it would turn out. (Note: If you read this on SOL, you'll find this version to be a bit different)

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Space
Downloads: 19786| Votes: 1383 | Score: 8.54
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30 To Whome It May Concern

A Story in the Kreg'ar War Universe
David was a very boring person, with a boring job and a boring life. That was until the Aliens came.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Military, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Clones, Nanotechnology, Robots, AI, Zombies, Demons, Magic
Downloads: 16588| Votes: 449 | Score: 8.52
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