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Can I have story versions? How do I change/maintain story versions?

The site supports story versioning. Each story can have a version number. The default version number when a story gets posted is 1.0. Version 1.0 does not get displayed in in the story's text, it is only implied. Once the version number is higher than 1.0, then it shows up at the end of the story.

Story versioning helps you keep your stuff organized.

Version numbers can only be number. Example: 1.2 or 1.31. No letters allowed.

If you repost a story, the version number is automatically incremented by 0.1 unless you assign your own version in the story's text. Chapter reposts and chapter additions have no effect on version numbers.

You can edit the version numbers manually or you can embed a tag in the uploaded file to have the system automatically assign your version to it.

Tags always takes precedence over the auto-incrementing of the version information in the site's database.

Version 1.75 becomes 1.85 if auto-incremented.

To edit a story's version go to the 'Account Manager -> Manage Stories'. Select a story and click the 'Edit' button. There will be a version number field in the form

To embed a version number in the story's text to make the system apply it to the story when posting it or reposting it, read the 'Formatting Guide' for more details.

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