Howly-Howard — a series by vlfouquet

The Howly-Howard series starts with Blind Sight and the story of Cassandra Howly Howard. This child the off spring of the merging of two mystical family lines inherits the ablities of both. One blessed by a God then other by their gene structure. The second story is the continuation of Cassandra "Cassie" story. She moves to Virginia to get away from her hometown where everybody knows her and would be shock at the changes in her.

1 Blind Sight

A girl was born who was descended from a long line of female psychics The gifts were not given to every female member sometimes they skip generation. An artifact, heirloom, of the family was alway passed on to the next female who could best used it. With the birth of this baby girl the holder of the artifact see that she will be the greatest holder of the artifact in this family long history. So the artifact was shipped as a birthday gift to be given on the first safe date it could be worn.
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2 Into the Shadows

This is the sequel to Blind Sight the story of a young girl that went blind at 10 and became a full Clarevoyance at 12. By the time she is 14 seh is a fullly matured 20 eyar old. She is now living on her own in Virginia and will eventually got to college there. I would advise reading Blind Sight first.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Action/Adventure
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