Blind Sight - Cover


Blind Sight

by vlfouquet

Copyright© 2011 by vlfouquet

Science Fiction Story: A girl was born who was descended from a long line of female psychics The gifts were not given to every female member sometimes they skip generation. An artifact, heirloom, of the family was alway passed on to the next female who could best used it. With the birth of this baby girl the holder of the artifact see that she will be the greatest holder of the artifact in this family long history. So the artifact was shipped as a birthday gift to be given on the first safe date it could be worn.

Tags: Coming of Age   Crime   School   Violence   Workplace   Young Adult  


Prologue The Beginning

Chapter 1 Ten Years Later

Chapter 2 Doctors, Doctors Everywhere

Chapter 3 No Hope For The Blind

Chapter 4 The Rodeo Came To Town

Chapter 5 The Little Girl Meets A Big Man

Chapter 6 Fantasy to Science Fiction

Chapter 7 Give Fair Warning

Chapter 8 Hide and Seek

Chapter 9 On The Road

Chapter 10 There Is Gold In Them There Hills!

Chapter 11 Up The Creeks With Lots Of Paddles

Chapter 12 A Blind Angel With A Cane

Chapter 13 There's A New Marshal In Town

Chapter 14 New Definition Of Impossible

Chapter 15 You Can Never Return Home

Excerpt Into The Shadows

Blind Sight by Virgil L. Fuqua III First Edition eBook printed by Fouquet Enterprises 20111

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I am dedicating this novel to Larry Shaw, better known to his friends on the internet as Grumpybear. Without his critique, proofing and his editing this story would of never made it to this point. Thanks Larry.

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