Way Down South, Almost - Cover


Way Down South, Almost

by Lapi

Copyright© 2023 by Lapi

Western Story: They, whomever they are, say Texas is the place to be; or was that someplace else. Whatever! This story is about there and a few other places. Not in modern times but not much has changed.

Tags: Romance   Politics   Slavery   Violence   Historical   Western   War   Military  

Some comments

I write about many things, including Cavalry, Wars, The South and more things.

I do live South of the Mason-Dixon Line, and have worked in the South but do not believe in slavery, although I think the War of Northern Aggression was not really about slavery.

My family have been in Calvary units for more than 100 years ending when tanks were introduced during WW I. Men with Sabers just do not fair well against a tank.

Not all Yankees are bad, nor all Southerners good. People are just people, black, white, yellow, brown, red, grey or green.

I mean no honour nor disrespect to anyone with my stories, they are just that; stories of fiction, meant for you to read and enjoy.

The source of this story is Finestories

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