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Relatively Related‏

by Pars001

Copyright© 2022 by Pars001

Supernatural Story: Another stand alone short I did that was written from another story. Not sure how to place it. I hope all enjoy it as well as I did writing it.

Tags: Romance   Drama   Violence   Religion   Detective   Supernatural   Ghosts  

In their room the two girls froze when they heard the loose board in the hallway squeak.

“What was that?” Hailey quietly whispered to her sister.

Straining to hear more, Jamie replied, “I think it’s the Nanny trying to catch us playing in mother and father’s room. Oh dear! I am afraid that the ghosts aren’t going to be happy!”

Giggling softly Hailey asked, “You think they will scare her away?”

“I’m not sure this one is the toughest we have ever had; we’ll have to wait and see,” Jamie said looking at her sister. “Get to sleep before she comes in here and catches us. I for one do not desire the punishment she can mete out.”

Down the hallway in the bedroom Elenor froze at the sudden sound, looking at Roy she could see that he had tensed up. Floating toward the door Roy was about to reach for the doorknob when the Nanny flung the door open.

Growling Roy admonished the now opened mouthed woman, “Have you no shame, woman! Interrupting a moment of passion as you have! Be gone with you or suffer the consequences!”

The Nanny could only shake her head at the barrel-chested, over six foot tall, red-haired man. For a moment she thought she recognized the man but that was silly he died over 50 years ago. Therefore that would make him..., Placing a hand to her her mouth she turned and ran screaming from the room.

Looking at Eleanor Roy growled, “The serving wench has spoiled it!”

With that he vanished leaving a crying and completely unfulfilled Elenor weeping beside the bed.

Suddenly Eleanor’s face twisted into rage. So, this woman wished to interfere! We would soon see about that! Floating toward the door a new look of determination filled her eyes. This would never happen again! Her time with Roy was for her and no one else!

The next morning the Nanny was waiting for the girls parents to arrive home. Sitting them both down she explained what had happened the past night, and what she had found. She quickly apologized for accusing the girls for the mess that the parents had found in their bedroom. She was also trying to tender her resignation; she had put up with a great many things in her many years as a Nanny, but this? Shaking her head and heading for the door the parents stopped her, begging her to reconsider.

“I have, as I have said, put up with a great many things as a Nanny, but the rage I saw on their faces? I am not about to remain here and face that, no sir, no ma’am, this is beyond my experience.” The dour-faced woman bowed to them both and beat a hasty exit.

They stared at each other, still unsure as to what to do. Calling a runner the father sent the messenger into town to fetch a man who had opened an office recently. They would see if the man was as good as so many claimed he to be.

Arriving two hours later, the strange short, red-headed man introduced himself and began to look around the house. Stopping short before the parents room, the man slowly backed away, he could most definitely feel the anger coming from the room. From the other end of the hallway he could feel an even fiercer anger, this one almost knocked him off his feet.

Reaching out, he tried to contact the anger but everything seemed to be blocked. There was nothing but wave after wave of red hot anger hitting him in the face. He’d never felt the anguish that he was before now. Sitting in a nearby chair he reached out again, trying to determine just who it was he was dealing with.

Strange, he thought, this all feels so familiar almost like...! The man’s mouth dropped open, it couldn’t be! Walking back downstairs the man told the couple that yes, they had ghosts. He wasn’t completely sure as to the exact identity of them, but he could tell that they were there. He also went on to explain that they were extremely angry possibly because their routine had been interrupted.

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