Santa Scape - Cover

Santa Scape

by Pars001

Copyright© 2018 by Pars001

Romance Story: Santa has a problem. It seems he is the problem. To male things worse he's gone missing!

Tags: Romance   Humor   Christmas   Time Travel   Fantasy   Elves   Magic  

The woman bit her lip, staring at the red phone on her husband’s desk. It hadn’t been that long, but he should have at least called. She pushed her gray hair away from her ear and picked up the receiver. It clicked and dialed the only number it was programmed to call. “Hello, SC Ops, what’s wrong, ma’am?”

The grey-haired woman released her lip and said, “Reganald, I wasn’t going to call, but it’s been a day, the whole time with no communication at all. I am starting to get worried—”

“Wait, ma’am, are you saying you haven’t heard anything from him for a whole day?” Suddenly there was the sound of alarms and klaxons behind Reganald. “Don’t worry ma’am, the SC Ops is on the job. Give us two days tops to find out what happened.”

The woman breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Reganald, I feel better already.”

“No problem, ma’am,” Reganald replied. “I’ll be there soon to ask you some questions. Then we’ll get started.” She nodded. “I’ll be here at the main house when you are ready.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the front door. The grey-haired woman said, “Please come in,” and the door opened, admitting Reganald. He was short, with large, muscular arms and legs. His skin was lime colored.

He bowed, to the woman, revealing the points of his ears. She sat and pointed at a chair. Reganald pulled out a small notepad and asked, “Ma’am, did he say anything about where he was going?”

The woman rested her chin on her hand and stared at the ceiling for a minute. “Something about a small town that didn’t have the Christmas spirit.”

“Ma’am, did he use one of the side exits?” Reganald asked tentatively. The woman’s surprise was visible. She nodded. He added, “We do know of all the secret exits, ma’am.”

When the woman finally smiled, he relaxed a bit and waited for more.

“He also said something about strange readings that were coming from the town, magical readings,” the woman said. “He said he was the only one that had strong enough magic, so he had to go.” Fear was evident on her face.

“Magic, I was afraid it might be that, otherwise, he would have come to us.” Reganald shook his head, deep in thought. “Do you think that Art would consent to help us?”

The woman’s head whipped around. She stared at him. “I have no way of knowing. He was adamant about everything when he left. Something about it being to painful to remember? Plus, he did a memory wipe.”

“The last part won’t be a problem, we can ease him back into it. I just hope that his adoptive father missing is enough to bring him in,” the male stated.

“So do I Reganald, so do I,” the woman said with a tear in her eye.

It was an hour later when Reganald along with several other small muscular males entered a multi-storied office building. Looking around Reganald leaned to his second. “Secure the building, no one in.”

His second nodded as the other males moved out to the other entrances. Nodding, Reganald turned back to the door as a small female that slightly resembled him, entered with a small black bag.

“Will it take long?” Reganald asked.

The female thought a moment. “No more than five minutes. I’m just afraid that he might react violently when it all comes back.”

“Not to worry there, I’m sure I can handle him.” When the female shook her head with a smirk, Reganald asked, “Now what?”

“I remember you having to heal for a month the last time you two went at each other. How do you expect me to think this time will be different?” the female responded.

“That was when he had his full magic, plus the knowledge to use it. Besides, I have magic now also.” Reganald said with a smile, that soon disappeared.

Still smirking, the female shook her head even harder. Releasing a huge sigh, she stated, “We’ll see Reg, I still have a full trauma unit standing by just in case.”

Reganald and the female moved through the building, completely ignored by the security, plus anyone else they ran into. Finally, they stepped off an elevator at the top of the building. Walking down the hall, they stopped before a door with the words: Art Krangle Creative Marketing. Both took a deep breath before they stepped inside.

Both Reganald and the female walked past everyone, ‘til they were in Art’s office. They both stopped before a rather tall, thirty-something looking, dark-haired male sitting before several computer screens.

The female turned back to the door locking it. Reganald waved his hand, then they both waited.

Art looked up to see two short, slightly green-skinned, well they weren’t midgets though they were short people, before him. “What the hell are you two doing here? How the hell did you get past security?” He was about to press an alarm when he found he couldn’t move.

The female quickly administered a small injection that made the man’s eyes grow large.

“What in the hell have you done to me? What was in that shit?” Art was yelling.

“Really Art, such language!” Reganald said sharply, causing Art to look at the small male as if he were crazy.

“Really? You break the hell in here, and you admonish me about my language? I’m going to put you so far under the jail, you won’t remember your name, Reggy!” Art’s face suddenly registered surprise. “What in the HELL!!! I’m going to make you pay for this Reggy!” Again Art’s eyes blinked in surprise.

“How long?” Reganald asked of the female.

“Two minutes, any time now,” the female replied.

Art was starting to struggle as a flood of memories began to inundate his mind. “What? What?! WHAT!??” Art was repeating over and over. Then his eyes locked with Reganald’s, narrowing them with a look of hatred, he almost growled at the small male. Then his face softened as he turned to the female. “They must be completely panicked and desperate if you’re here Viola.”

Viola’s eyes also softened as she nodded. “I’m afraid it is, my ... Art. Your father has...”

“He’s not my father as HE well reminded me, far too many times to count. That among a few other things drove me away from there.” Here Art stared accusingly, then sneered at Reganald. “Like I said before, Christmas can die for all I care!”

“Art! You can’t mean that!” Viola cried.

“Why the hell not? Why should I make the world happy when all I was given was pain and suffering. Even now, seeing the both of you here is nothing but tortuous pain to me. Why the f•©k should I care? I am not a martyr, I will not sacrifice myself, my feelings,” here Art took a deep breath. “Nor will I sacrifice my love, for this supposed season of happiness. No, if I am to be denied, then the rest of the world can also be.”

Both Reganald and Viola’s eyes went wide. “I know you dislike me Art but...” Reganald started.

“Dislike?” Here Art started to laugh. “Dislike? No Reggy,” here Art’s face twisted into a grim mask of hatred and rage. “No, I don’t dislike you, I absolutely despise you!” With that, a mighty blast of magical energy shot out of Art’s hands.

Reganald smiled, then the smile faded as he was thrust back into the wall at least a foot. “Art? Do you hate all of us that badly?” Viola asked, her lips trembling.

His arms dropping at his side, Art’s face softened again. “No my dear Viola, not all of you. Though there are a great many of you that I do. They didn’t even consider, Viola, the council just said no. They didn’t even let me speak, had they, we might be together, now? I just want all of them dead.”

“Is that why you left? Just up and disappeared for ten years?” Viola asked as she reached her small hand to Art’s face. Touching it, they both trembled as almost forgotten feelings were thrust to the surface.

“It was better to leave with no memory than to stay and suffer untold humiliation and ridicule by the others.” Here Art held up his hand. “It was there my dear, no matter how much they watch the others, it was there,” Art told her.

A groan from the wall let them know that Reganald was waking up. Huge tears were falling from Viola’s eyes. “By the great mother, I did not know. Had I just an inkling, then I guarantee that things would have been different.”

“No, my dear, I don’t think that even you could have swayed them. My, HA! Father could have, hell even Reggy could. Me? No, I was and am nothing to them.” Here an almost evil smile lit up his face. “Another twenty days, then they will be nothing also. He can’t pass the power to anyone else now that I have it. No one can take me without quite a few being destroyed. Now, you(maybe it should be I because he vanishes?) better go before I get really mad and start with Reggy.” With that, Art snapped his fingers and vanished.

Reganald stood up, then immediately backed up from the scathing look from Viola. “YOU! You could have helped prevent all of this. No, you had to just follow along, be a good little soldier even though you knew it was wrong. There are times I am almost ashamed to be your sibling!” Whirling, Viola marched out of the room her anger growing by the second.

They had boarded their transport when Viola growled at Reganald. “We need to get back NOW! I have to inform the council. By the great power what a bunch of doddering old fools!” She turned to growl at the others when they started to gasp. This made every one of the well, muscled males shrink back from her.

Reganald swallowed hard as he stared straight ahead, they needed to get back. It appeared that Viola might have all the answers that they were looking for. Getting her to reveal that information before she was ready, that was altogether an other thing.

Art appeared within the confines of a dark cave. Passing his hand over the walls, he could still feel the almost overwhelming evil that surrounded them. Nodding his head, he could also feel the evil trying to invade his space then his body. He wasn’t stupid, as he flung a few tendrils away, just angry.

Near the back of the cave was a heavy set man that was resting on a mattress. At the approach of Art, the man turned over, then sat up.

“Thank god you are here!” the heavyset man said. “You think you can help me get out of here?”

Art sat in a chair nearby, only glaring at the man. Silent for a moment Art continued to stare at the man.

“Art? Is something wrong? Why aren’t you trying to help me escape? NO!?” The man’s eyes suddenly widened. “You are the one who put me here! Why son? Why have you...”

“Son? SON!!? Now you call me that. For years I waited for that one simple word, to feel that you wanted me. Though, did I ever get it? NO! Let’s see if I can refresh your fetid, putrid excuse of a memory. I’m sorry, though you aren’t my son thanks. I wish I had a son like you. What a great son you’d make. If I had a son, I’d want him to be like you.” Art growled at the man his hatred flowing from him like a wave of energy.

“I don’t...” the man started.

“SHUT UP! I am through listening to you. I’m through being hurt, ignored and pushed away. Now it’s my turn to make you feel useless, unloved and unwanted. As of right now, you are dead to me you pathetic excuse for an immortal. No, after you don’t appear this year, the world cries foul about you, THEN I will let you go. Let you feel the wrath, the unadulterated ridicule, and shame I did. Don’t look at me like that! Had you kept a more firm hand on things, then I wouldn’t have been forgotten.” Art spit at the man.

“You weren’t forgotten...” the man tried to start again.

“I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!” Then an idea struck Art’s mind as he reached out touching the man’s head. An almost shriek escaped the man’s lips as he turned ashen, then he turned to stare at Art, as huge tears started to fall from his eyes. “You f•©king bastard! You love all the children of the world. You absolute f•©king liar! See all the hell I went through because you didn’t have time for your own.” Releasing the man, Art smiled a wicked smile, as the more recent memories started. This had the man falling to his knees, wailing as if he was being skinned alive.

More tears were flowing as the man lowered his head. “I never knew, I should have. Release me Art, I can make this better. You know I have the power to.” The man was begging in an almost whisper.

“HA! As if you bastard spawn of Satan! I want you to suffer, suffer as the world calls out for you, then realizes that you aren’t coming. I don’t care about Christmas, not your part in it. I would destroy you where you stand if I could. So know that I am your eternal enemy when I am through with you, not even Christ will be able to help you. That is if he really cared to help a miserable piece of garbage like you!” Art spat out as he whirled to depart.

“Art! Give me a chance to make things right! I can do it!” the man shouted after Art.

Art whirled around standing in the passageway. “Let you get away with a mistake you made? To just wipe it out? To erase memories? No! You need to suffer, suffer as much as I did. As soon as you know what it is to be useless, THEN your real penance will start. Til then? Enjoy being alone like I was. Viola was all I had, you could see it though you chose to ignore it. Enjoy bastard, I’ll see you in a few weeks.” With that Art snapped his fingers and was gone.

The man wailed a bit then settled back down on the mattress. There was no point trying to get out, Art was far more powerful than he was, especially now in this place.

Arriving back where they had started, Viola was out of the transport at a run. She’d already put in a call to the council, calling for an emergency meeting about the situation. Reganald was shaking his head taking off behind her at a run also. He had to make sure she didn’t get too angry, getting herself banned from the chambers.

Rounding a corner, Reganald skidded to a stop almost colliding with Viola. Looking her up and down he could see that she was standing stock still, clenching her hands. She was also muttering to herself.

Feeling a presence, her head snapped around to stare at Reganald. Even he had to back up from the intense look of anger that she held on her face. Through her clenched teeth, she stated, “I suggest if you wish to remain in his good graces, that you help me. So help me, if I fail then I just might agree with him!”

Reganald was shocked at the pure venom that she was now spewing at him. “I am loyal to...” He started only to be shocked again as Viola had knocked him off his feet. Grunting as he slid into the wall with great force, he slowly got to his feet. Turning toward Viola, he could see that her eyes were glowing. Oh shit! If she lost it, there would be no saving her.

With a heavy sigh, Reganald said, “I’ll do what I can Viola. At this point, I’m not sure they will listen to me.” Here his head dropped as he tried to diffuse Viola’s anger.

He heard heavy breathing from her direction then she said, “That’s all you would have had to do back then. You are far more respected than most.” Reganald could only look up in shock, him? He just did his job, that was it, there never seemed to be time for anything else.

Entering the chambers, they were greeted by twelve grim-faced, grey-haired light green skinned males. An older, taller woman walked to them, the same that Reganald had asked the questions of. “I heard that an emergency meeting was called.” Here she turned from Reganald to Viola. A gasp arose from her throat. “You’ve seen Art haven’t you?” She asked.

Viola’s face held shock as she nodded yes. “He is not the same. If anything he is far angrier than he was when he left.” Viola’s head dropped as she felt a stab of emotional pain run through her.

The older woman nodded her head as she looked intensely at Viola. “Ah! I see you are still deeply in love with him.”

Viola’s head snapped up, as she turned to stare at the woman. The older woman issued a low chuckle. “I know it when I see it. I haven’t been around as long as I have, to not have learned a few things.”

All three of them stepped to the podium that was centered in the room. All of the twelve males gasp when they saw the older woman that was accompanying Reganald and Viola.

The older woman stayed back as Reganald gave his report. All of the twelve males gasped when Reganald told them of the strength of Art’s magic. They were horrified even more when he stepped down, Viola telling them what Art had said.

Shaking violently Viola took a deep breath as she prepared for her next set of words. “Though he never said it, I believe Art has him. I also know that Art blames him and YOU,” here she pointed a slender finger at all twelve males. “For never allowing that which was the only joy he had. Not only not allowing it, he says that you pushed him as far from me as you could.”

The leader of the council stood. “It is how things are done you should know...”

Taking a deep breath, Viola interrupted the male. “There is an ancient saying that I believe was started by our kind. I’m sure you all know it? All things are possible if you believe honestly, and strongly enough.” A moment later there was a commotion at the chamber doors then a little boy came running to Viola. An extremely warm smile lit up her face as all of the males gasped. “I would like to introduce you to Arthur,” here she turned to Reganald. “My son.”

Reganald’s mouth dropped open in disbelief, as he stared from the boy to Viola and back. “Y ... your ... your ... SON!!!?” Viola only smiled as she nodded yes, first to Reganald, then to the also opened mouthed council.

Viola’s eyes narrowed as she looked every council member in the eye. “As the saying goes,” here she stared at all the males in the room almost daring them to discount what she’d said. “ALL things are possible! Therefore I suggest that all of you who caused this problem? Pray that Arthur and I can change his mind, though as things are? I’m not too sure I don’t agree with Art!” With that Viola picked the little boy up whirling, then walking out the doors slamming them shut with a great force. Even as she left they all heard her saying, “I think it’s about time we introduced you to your father.”

Reganald turned toward the council, his and their mouths still open. “So I can see that ALL of YOU have a great deal to do,” the older woman said as a broad smile spread across her face. She then snapped her fingers as she vanished.

Viola was making her way rather quickly toward the nearest transport when the older woman appeared not too far in front of her. Sighing, Viola stopped a moment as she stared at the older, taller woman. “I really don’t have time to argue with you, ma’am. I have to save him before what is eating him up inside, goes too far.”

The older woman smiled as she took a step closer. “Argue? No, my dear, I wish to help you. Like you, I wasn’t heard either. Though Art didn’t know it, I supported him when he was growing up. I saw his pain. Also, I thought something had happened between the two of you.” Here she held up her wrinkled hand. “I may not be able to have children, I am still a female. I knew something was going on, I just wish I had been able to do more than I was able to.”

Viola was shocked when the older woman started to cry. “Ma’am?” Viola started.

“Please call me Mercy, I am so sorry I didn’t act faster, sooner. Had I, things would have been different. Art always was good at hiding his emotions. I was almost fooled, then he came home upset one day after school. That was the day I started to watch him even closer. Please, let me help you, together I am sure we can bring him back from the brink. Then we can save my husband.” Mercy said as Viola, still in shock at the strongest female she’d ever known crying, nodded her agreement.

“I was going to get a transport...” she started.

Mercy shook her head no, as she pointed to the front of the large barn area. There before it, was a small sleigh with two reindeer hooked to the front.

Viola’s mouth dropped open. “Those are ... are” she stuttered.

Mercy nodded. “The same Reindeer that make the worldwide trip? Yes, my dear, they are. They are much faster than your transports.”

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