Play It Again Sam - Cover

Play It Again Sam

by Kenneth George

Copyright© 2018 by Kenneth George

Fantasy Story: Hindsight is the only exact science. What would you do if you could go back

Tags: Romance   Drama   Time Travel   Fantasy  

They were already at the table. John and Alex were talking about the afternoon’s football matches. John’s wife, Roz looked bored. Alex was between wives as he liked to put it. Roz looked up at Sam.

“Are you out on the pull with Alex tonight?”

The look on Sam’s face told her the answer was no.

“I think you should. It does no good to mope around at home all the time. You need to get out, get back into the swing of things. Not all girls are like Angie you know.”

But that was just it. He wanted a girl like Angie, hell he wanted Angie herself, but the mention of her name brought it all back. The night she came home and made that shocking admission. The presentation had gone so well, she and her boss went out to celebrate, she’d got very drunk and they had ended up in bed together. She’d been full of remorse, but Sam had been unable to get past it and now he was alone.

An old man walked over to the table and started to engage them in conversation.

“I’m doing some research he said and I need peoples opinion. If you could have one day of your life to live over again, when would it be? Now there are some rules you cannot gain financially and you cannot tell anyone about things that you know will happen.”

“Easy!” said John “the day spurs won the cup in 1991 my dad took me to the match, Fantastic day”

Roz frowned at John before offering her choice. “Our wedding day. It was the best day of my life”

Alex just shrugged.

“What about you sir?” the man said to Sam.” You look like you have a day in mind”

“7th August 2013.”

The old man reached out and touched Sam’s arm.

He woke alone as expected, but the bed beside him was warm. He picked up his phone to check the time. 6.30 am 7/8/2013. Angie came out of the bathroom wearing just bra and pants.

“Hello sleepy head. Sorry about the early start, it’s a big day today. If my presentation is well received it could lead to a promotion.”

Sam put his hands under her arms onto her breasts and pulled her backwards onto the bed.

“Let Sally do it. Call in sick and stay here with me.”

“No!” she said pulling his hands off. “I’m not letting her take the credit for my work. What’s got into you today? Are you jealous because I might start earning more than you?”

“No it’s nothing like that. I just have the feeling that if you go today, things will never be the same between us again.”

“Too right they won’t. I’ll be earning a lot more money.”

Things continued in the same vein until Angie stormed out and slammed the door. Sam sat with his head in his hands and the old man appeared beside him.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “ “I said you could live it again, I never said anything would change.”

“You bastard,” shouted Sam, just before he heard her key in the lock.

Sam went to the bar to fetch a round of drinks and Roz took the opportunity to pump Angie for information.

“So what happened last year. Sam won’t say anything, he just walks around looking like the cat that got the cream. I know you quit your job and went to work for Jenkins Bough. I thought he might be a bit pissed, after all you must be on a hell of a salary now.”

“Huh, you sound like my ex-boss Phil. He said Sam wouldn’t like me being the main breadwinner. But you’re both wrong, he’s very proud of me, and I’m very proud of him.”

“Well I can see that now, but you still haven’t told me what brought about the changes.”

“Well it was Phil and I. We always had this kind of innocent flirting between us. Well at least that was what I thought it was. I mean he was married, I was married, how could it be anything else? I see now that he didn’t think that way. There were little digs at Sam, that I hadn’t noticed were having an effect on me. He’d promised me a promotion from team leader to project manager and my presenting my research paper at the conference would be pivotal. He also kept warning me that Sam might not be able to take me earning more money.”

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