Shut Up and Drive!

by Denham Forrest

Copyright© 2014 by Denham Forrest

Romance Story: A guy with a questionable reputation, spots a female he doesn't expect to see in a bar that has an even worse reputation.

Tags: Romance   Melodrama  

It's not often that I write in the third person; but here goes for a short tale that's been kicking around for a while now.

This the forth incarnation of this yarn. However it only has cosmetic changes from the original posting. The most drastic being that It's now become a serial and Estelle's maiden name has been changed to Warender. I thank the guys for their assistance in preparing the original version of this tale for posting.

I thought the story of Ted and Estelle and their coming together was told in the original posting. However some readers commented that they wished to hear more of the couple and their interactions with other people in each other's lives. I'm not quite sure what readers are expecting the yarn to go, but I will point-out that I do not expect that anything drastic will happen; or even anything vaguely interesting, at least I don't think ... So I'll be adding further Chapters as I find the time to complete them.

Colloquial clarification: in "American" the word 'fanny' refers to a persons posterior; in the "English English" it refers to female genitalia. Bint and Sort: used to refer to an unknown young female.

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