The Novice Sorceress - Cover


The Novice Sorceress

by vlfouquet

Copyright© 2011 by vlfouquet

Fantasy Story: Abrigal Silverlock had written a clear concise book to introduce people to the concept of magic. She published this book and it went out into the world. Many people found the book and things begin to happen. Here is the story on one of those people. The story is comple with an excerpt at the end of chapter 15 on another story in this universe. The story is over 40,000 words I hope you like it, but it needs a lot of editing and proofing LOL, Send me Feedback

Tags: Coming of Age   School   Spiritual   Supernatural   Fantasy   Witchcraft   Magic   Sports   Young Adult  


I dedicate this story to my niece Patricia Coppinger Eckeles with-out whose support I would have not persisted in writing my stories.


This story is in what I call the Abrigal Silverlocks universe. I say universe not series as you only need to read one book before any other and that is the Chronicles of Abrigal Silverlocks. That is the first story I wrote and chronologically is the first. Sometime in the future I plan to write the story about her flight from San Francisco at the time of the 1906 earthquake and how she caught a ride in the private Pullman car of a man she thought might be Merlin, the Great and Ancient Wizard.

It is from that time that Abrigal learned the secret of living a long life. So the story would seem to be a natural one to tell. But this story is just one of many that are part and parcel of Abrigal's Universe.


In a little known corner of Abrigail Silverlocks Universe she sits browsing through her fan mail. Unlike most authors, she could not put off reading her mail. Ever since she wrote her book and then used multiple spells, or geas to get it published she had been duty bound to protect the thousands if not millions of apprentices she had accidentally bound to her.

Thank the goddess that some of them worked for Homeland Security and were now helping her to locate and mentor the ones that were really learning. The biggest problem with the new apprentices was that most of them were children. But her big fear was that one of the new apprentices would slip through a crack somewhere.

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