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Reviews by richardshagrin
About richardshagrin:
Elderly guy (born late in 1944 so I am not a baby boomer, I am even older). Since I can't write stories, I decided to help readers find stories they probably will like, since I like them. I like longer stories with satisfactory endings. I have problems with vampire and zombie stories because they strain to breaking the cable on the 50 ton crane I use to suspend disbelief. So I probably won't review them.

If authors don't like my reviews, sorry, Free advice, costs nothing and worth the price. If readers don't like my reviews, please let me know what I did wrong, so I might do better next time. You might even suggest stories I should review.
  Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Desperado woodmanone 8 9 8
Pfand X Lazlo Zalezac 8 9 9
Five Ultra Short Stories Ernest Bywater N/A 9 8
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