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Zombie Leza Conclusion

June 16, 2017
Posted at 9:41 pm

As I suspected, despite the low downloads and low initial scores for "Zombie Leza", the scores have risen consistently as it's posted. Now that "Zombie Leza" has concluded, the scores have risen even more.

Despite having trouble getting readers to invest time in it, hopefully now the skeptics will take a second look at it. I knew 'yet another zombie story' wouldn't be an attractive genre to tackle, but I found a way to wrap a fascinating story (imho) around the basic genre.

Now I'll have to wait a few days and see what happens on SOL, where the story had the lowest score of all my stories (it's now back up to 3rd worst, ahead of one of my classics (my first). Hopefully it'll bounce up another spot or two. ;-D

Zombie Leza Post-post analysis

June 15, 2017
Posted at 2:04 am

Now that I've completed the story (at least on FS and Sci-Fi), I've gotta ask. While I've been bitching about how unpopular the story is (few readers), despite people enjoying it once reading, I'm curious what specifically is preventing people from reading the story (since it's likely to impact my next books, as well).

Is it the zombie genre, the story description, doubts about the topic? I've had complaints of "not another zombie tale" as well as "Oh, no, this isn't a typical zombie story", so I'm still unsure what's throwing readers off.

I never expected this to be a popular book, as zombie stories are notoriously poor sellers, but I'm stumped by readers' refusal to even consider it, despite knowing how I approach stories and typically turn them on their heads, taking them in unusual directions.

What kept you from picking up the story, and what might have convinced you to give the story a chance, if you were just seeing it for the first time now?

(Sorry to sound whiney, but the reception to this story is bugging me.)

More Observations About "Zombie Leza"

June 1, 2017
Posted at 1:05 am
Updated: June 2, 2017 - 1:45 am

It's interesting, but "Zombie Leza" is now both my highest (on FineStories) and my lowest-rated story (on SOL). That reinforces my 'age differences on the different sites' supposition, though I have no basis for the claim.

However, as I suspected, the scores have risen significantly. Hopefully this will reassure skeptical readers when the story finishes--as it's NOT a traditional zombie tale.

On another positive note, someone pointed out an typo in chapter 11 (it was a homophone: "grizzly" instead of "grisly", so it was easy to miss), but noted it was the only error he noted in the story so far. That's always reassuring, while also pointing out that readers are still looking out for me--pointing out the easy-to-correct mistakes.

New Story: "Zombie Leza"

April 25, 2017
Posted at 1:25 am

After a long pause, I've got a new story, "Zombie Leza". While zombie stories aren't everyone's cup of tea, I think you'll be surprised by this one. As usual, my stories are not what you'd expect, as this focuses on not killing those who you depend on.

The prologue is a typical horror approach, but that's merely to set up the situation the characters are facing. The real story starts with Chapter 1, when Leza is first introduced.

While I got the message that everyone prefers longer stories, this was written before I got that memo. My next story, soon to be published, returns to my more meandering style.

By the way, tomorrow (April 26th) is the last day of an eight book giveaway for "The Demons Within" on (see my website “The Demons Within” available for pre-order for details).

Cuckoo's Progeny wrap-up

January 10, 2017
Posted at 2:11 am

As Cuckoo's Progeny nears it's conclusion, I'll be combining chapters (as many are incredibly short). Thus the story will conclude this week (Tues: chapters 23 & 24) and Thurs: ch 25 & 26 (the prologue to Not-Quite Human 2: "Lost With Nothing to Lose").

After that, I'm going to take an extra long breather (two months). That's because I've been having a prolonged medical issue due to a medicine conflict for the past six months which has dramatically cut back my productivity. I've finally quit the one medication, but I'm not sure how long it'll take to return to a stable basis. I'm guessing at least a month, so I'm counting an extra month to get back to work before I begin my next story, "The Zombie Leza".

That should give me time to complete my next story, "The Demons Within", then allowing me to begin "Lost With Nothing to Lose" (an even longer delay).

This story had a LOT of extremely short chapters (1,500 words), which I'm attempting to correct in "The Demons Within", so the new books are taking longer to write, in addition to my non-productive periods.

Hoping to get back into a more productive period to try to make up for my lack of productivity.