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Almost Done

August 28, 2017
Posted at 7:49 pm
Updated: August 28, 2017 - 7:58 pm

The Demons Within is almost done, only one final chapter, the story's epilogue, to go. Don't get discouraged yet. Despite how bleak things look, the story continues.

In related news, I'm finally publishing the sequel, Speaking With Your Demons, this Saturday (supposedly Saturday is the day to publish, as that's when most readers purchase books, and all the mainstream publishers are closed for the weekend).

With that threshold crossed, I plan to release the story to SOL.

I've noticed that the readership here decreased at a few very specific chapters. Please, I posted this story here first so I could gauge how the story is perceived. If you notice any weaknesses in the plot, or you had any specific issues, NOW is the time to tell me, before I post the story everywhere else.

Speaking With Your Demons takes the story in a very different direction. It's nowhere near as dark as this book was. It's also much longer (more chapters plus longer chapters overall) and introduces a new cast of characters (some new and many old favorites).

Editor & Proofreader Appreciation Day

August 24, 2017
Posted at 7:05 pm
Updated: August 24, 2017 - 7:18 pm

Several editors, lead by Thornfoote, TeNderLoin and Omachuck (all of whom edit for me, and several other authors) are organizing an Editor and Proofreaders Appreciation Day (shouldn't that be "Editors and Proofreaders'"?) to recognize the contributions of, you guessed it, editors and proofreaders.

I fully support the idea, and we're hoping to spearhead an organized contest at SOL and its associated sites (this one included) to highlight their contribution (we're still working out the details behind the scene).

As I've long maintained, despite their excellent work, any remaining errors in my text are entirely mine, as I placed the errors there and either hid them so cleverly they weren't detected, or refused to correct them because of 'Style differences' (serial commas and the like). They did the best they could with a lunk-head like me, so I'm not about to criticize them for my taking an unpopular (with some readers) Style decisions.

Correction: I forgot to credit the original proponent of the idea, Jay Cantrell. Thanks to him for initiating this action and all of his hard work over the years, too!

New Chapter 2

August 7, 2017
Posted at 9:12 pm
Updated: August 7, 2017 - 9:21 pm

I've posted a new chapter 2 for The Demons Within, which provides new background info. which helps explain WHY Phil gets so crazy, hides everything from his family, and doesn't get along with his wife.

I recommend you go back and reread the chapter, as I think it adds a lot to the story. It was only because a ready commented no Phil 'not making sense' that I went back and reexamined the subject.

In case you're curious, the new section in at the end of the first section, so you won't have to read far to find it. You'll notice is as soon as you run across it, as it's entirely new (a new (undeveloped) story thread).

The Demons Within storyline

July 31, 2017
Posted at 8:09 pm

As you may have guessed, The Demons Within does turn fairly dark, in time. Without including any story spoilers, you'll want to continue reading, whatever happens, because there are a series of surprises at the end which alter the storyline.

Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!), but my sister thought that this was my best story to date, yet still didn't want to read the end (I'm waiting to hear what she thought of the ending).

Just so you know, the sequel, Speaking With Your Demons is nearing completion (my editors are working on it) and it is much brighter than this story, which sets the stage for what follows.

Given the dark nature of many of my stories (where I tend to kill off many favored characters), I decided I'd best quit my 'heroic sacrifice' motif, but decided to have some fun with it before I did (hence the dark theme of the story).

I'll talk more about this once the story concludes, but again, I've already given away too many spoilers, and you'll enjoy the story much more without knowing what happens.

The Demons Within - New Story Posting

July 4, 2017
Posted at 10:45 am
Updated: July 5, 2017 - 3:22 pm

This is an unusual story, once which doesn't fit into any standard story genre. As such, I expect it will have trouble finding an audience, but I think anyone who reads it will enjoy it, despite the varied subject matter.

This story deals with an older Philadelphia plumber, Demons, Dragons and fairies, as well as mental illness, the homeless, alternative medicines, the medical establishment and the large drug companies, all wrapped up in a larger sci-fi/Fantasy umbrella. In short, it draws from multiple sources to present an entirely new story.

Although the sequel is almost completed, health issues have delayed it's completion. Rather than waiting indefinitely, I decided to post it to FS exclusively so I can (with your help) clean up any remaining issues with the story before I post it to SOL.

The book, like all of mine, can be purchased on Amazon and Smashwords for $4.99, and on Createspace (paperback) for $9.99. Comments and reviews (online or on"> are appreciated, as that's how readers discover promising books.