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Shut Up and Drive.

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Although I have both the last chapters of this story available, I was not intending to post for another week or so because I have a house guest arriving today. For those who know of him Papatoad.

Finding myself at a lose-end last evening I posted chapter 3 with the hope I'd be able to get Chapter 4 up today. However our power has been off all day and has only just come back on again. (Yes we had been warned in advance but this silly old bugger forgot about it until everything died this morning.)

Regretfully I now have to leave to collect our guest from the railway station and as he will be using my study/guestroom for the next few days Chapter 4 will have to wait.

I'm sorry I will not be able to reply individually to all those nice emails I've received in the last twenty-four hours. DC

Obligations wrong file!

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It would appear that somehow the wrong file for Obligations got posted yesterday. I see several typos and errors that I do recall correcting when a proofreader pointed them out to me a couple of weeks ago.

I'm trying to work out where and how the mix-up occurred. I suspect that the file somehow got moved into the formatting folder on my main machine before Sync program had run that day. Regretfully many of the early drafts and working files for the story have already been cleared from my systems here, with them went the proofs.

I'm going to hang-fire on everything until I understand what did go wrong. So I doubt there will a posting from me today.

Still kicking, just about.

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I had been hoping that I'd have the extensions to Shut Up and Drive sorted by this time, but unfortunately I've been distracted. Chapter three and the final Chapter five are complete, but Chapter four has come to a halt about halfway through. Lack of time and self-discipline I'm afraid, there are so many other ideas to play with and the days seem to be getting shorter.

Anyway I've decided to post three distractions during the next few days to prove that I am still alive.

One of them (Obligations) I'm not completely happy with and I might return to it at some time in the future. But I'm posting it now because I fear I might possibly never get back to it and then it would languish among many other similarly abandoned yarns on my hard drives forever.

Freinds passing

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It was with great sadness that I have to announce that Dave Hinde, a good friend who has been proofreading for me for the last couple of years, passed away at 17:10 on Tuesday, following a long illness. I will greatly miss our regular email correspondence.

My deepest condolences go to Dave's wife Jackie.

Contact details changing.

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Hi folks I'm pleased to report that (from 23-10-2014) my internet woes are now a thing of the past. I hope?

However my old internet provider is still finding new ways to aggravate my life further.

Please note that my email address has now changed and my old addresses are no longer supported by

In consequence, if anyone has my old addresses in their address book, would kindly delete them.

I will be sending out charge of address emails, but obviously I can't send them to everyone in my address book. I'm sure my email address would very quickly be declared a possible spam source if I tried to do that.

If you do not receive my new address in an personal email, I apologise. But I can always be contacted through this sites feedback system. Regards and thanks for your support over the years