Denham Forrest: Profile

I’m a cantankerous old fa??! Who has been on this planet far to long; hates Pressure Groups, Politicians, Simple Servants, and, and, and, and… just about anyone really, who by intransigence and/or stupidity gets up my nose.

But very importantly, I’m way past the age where I take life or myself seriously. Take everything you read in my tales of woe with a liberal pinch of salt please. And maybe, be prepared to have your leg-pulled now and again.

Personally (with a couple of exceptions) I've never thought that my stories are particularly good, but a few folks do find some of them entertaining. I suspect that that's more because of my writing style (which I'm told is somewhat individual, and different than the norm) than for the intellectual content of the stories.

I actually write to entertain myself because my medical condition restricts physical activity, much more than it does my mental; but even typing is tiring.

However latterly I appear to receive a greater quantity of the complaining type emails, than ones encouraging me to write and post more. So I've been posting very little new stuff lately. Not writing as much either, but I think that's mainly due to a gradual further deterioration in my health.

Elsewhere I've mainly posted under a couple of different Pen names. But once Lazeez has finished playing with this new site, I intend to repost all of my stories that don't include... yeah well, on this site under my pseudonym Denham Forrest.

I should also add, that my stories will most often contain some very basic English (questionable language), but I doubt any words that most folks haven't heard before, unless they've lead a very sheltered life. The stories also contain colloquialisms from all over the UK. British colloquial English, can be confusing for some people, who have not grownup with it. Should any reader be confused by the exact meaning of any word of phrase, (in the tale's particular context), drop me a line and I'll be happy to explain.

I'll point out that I always have the systems set to refuse any anonymous email feedback. Hey, I might have dragged up back in London in the fifties; but we were taught good manners back then. Every reader email has to be read and at least acknowledged, even if it is with just a few (oft) very repeated words. Sorry but time is tight for me, and typing takes… well, time! And energy!

However, every email either congratulatory or of the “You eff-ing numbskull” kind, does get thoroughly read. I wont say filed away, because through overconfidence in my filing and back-up systems, I lost five years worth of stored emails a few weeks ago.

Whatever, I’ll add (when firing on all cylinders) reader feedback does effect my output. One way, or the other!