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Hi folks,

I should imagine that everyone reading this has found their way over from this site's sister site. So most of you will be familiar with my postings.

Where applicable any new tales that I do post, will probably be on both sites at the same time, although it's highly possible that the stories could be two different versions of the same tale.

No, I haven't abandoned my stance on censorship. I still refuse to alter stories to fit within the guidelines of any site. But in fact, I have retrospectively added, a few explicit sex scenes to a couple of my tales to keep some of the readers happy.

I have not posted anything for sometime, mainly due to general health and concentration problems. And a general "can't be bothered" attitude about my own writing that has been with me for sometime now.

In actual fact I'm doing the "Garden Party" thing nowadays (refer Rick Nelson) writing what I feel like writing when I'm in the mood. So what gets posted and when, will be anybodies guess.

I'm also spending quite a lot of time working with a few unpublished writers (Yeah I know, don't say it, the blind leading the blind) I hope helping them get their act together.

However Ronnie is trawling through my old files and sorting out which of my already posted stories he believes are suitable for posting on "Fine Stories".

I'm sure that we'll be having some real good old ding dongs about it in the coming months.