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I'm pleased to be able to announce that one of my longer tales 'Minerva', is nearing completion. About 38,000 words, so a longer story, not a novella or anything.

It has been over a year in the writing, (as I’ve been reminded by Sue). Like many others, after the first rush of enthusiasm, when I started writing the tale -- that got the first few chapters written and away to proofreaders -- the story was put to one side as other ideas crept to the fore of my mind.

At regular intervals I‘ve dug it (and the others) out again and added bits and pieces to it, as the mood hit me right.

But a couple of weeks back, I decided that it was about time this particular tale hit the sites, so everything else has been put on hold.

Especially since a certain old sod (who shall remain unnamed), and who having read some of the earlier chapters, took it in his head to post an announcement on his personal site, that the tale was about to go up here.

Whatever, his actions focused the mind quite effectively, because I received a few “Okay, where is the bloody thing then?” Emails. What a charming readership I have? ;-)

As I said, the last chapter is nearing completion, and should be off to of proofreading tonight or tomorrow. But because there are ten chapters, I figure I’ll be safe to start submitting them to Lezeez’s two sites tomorrow. The story -- like most of my tales -- contains no overt sex, but does not ignore the obvious. And -- somewhat unusually for one of mine – has little in the way of what is sometimes referred to as ‘strong language’.

Some the latter chapters might be replaced later as they are returned from some of my other proofreaders, that is if we’ve missed anything grammatically. But the tale will remain basically as it is.


I didn’t do that!

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For some inexplicable reason reader scoring on ‘Act Naturally!’ somehow got itself turned off during the day. All very odd, because I didn’t turn the feature off when I submitted the tale, I’m sure, and a couple of my regular readers have informed me that they did score the tale earlier. But on logging-on to my laptop this evening, I discovered that the feature was switched off on the tale. I’ll have to enquire of ‘The man’ later.

All going to plan another little tale of emotional nonsense will go up tomorrow. It kind-a depends on how my night goes. I went shopping with my significant other today and I’ve been dead to the world since our return. Hey bugger, I wonder what happened to the guy who regularly used to work twenty-four-hour days all his life? That sure ain’t me anymore.

Folks in the antipodes should beware, one of my offspring should have arrived in Sidney yesterday. Although as of yet, he hasn’t deigned to report to us his safe arrival; but that’s the younger generation ain’t it? It’s not unusual for us not to hear from the little sod, unless he has something to gripe about.


Please, don't waste my time!

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Recently I've received a couple of emails through the site's feedback system, that apparently have non-existent return addresses on them.

Please -- if you've found a way around Lazeez's checks and balances -- then don't waste my -- or any other writers -- time, by sending us these dead emails.

You might have time to kill, but I -- at least -- haven't the time available -- or energy to waste -- writing replies emails to people that are never going to be read.

I always enjoy receiving emails about my tales; that's why I have email feedback turned on in the first place. Those emails most often encourage me to write more and post my tales of woe on the internet.

Whenever I am able, I always acknowledge every email I receive, that's a mater of personal pride, and manners left over from my upbringing. But doing so, uses time and energy, something -- that for health reasons -- I'm in "short supply" of, at the present time.

Five minutes might be nothing to you, but for some of us, it's a large chunk out of our active day.

Now I've wasted almost an hour -- of what "was" proving to be a very productive day -- informing Lazeez of the problem and writing this blog entry.

9,000 words in three days, is close to what I used to achieve everyday in recent years. It could be that this unwarranted disruption, has broken the flow.

Thank you, for your co-operation in future.


Friends etcetera, please note.

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I correspond with the world by email (and land mail) only. I’m sorry, but I do not frequent, or join, any of the -- what are commonly known as – ‘Social Networking’ Internet sites. Neither am I to be found on “Twitter” or any other such site. I really haven’t got the spare-time available to indulge myself in those places.

Beside email, my soul point of contact with the public, are my blog’s on SOL and FineStories. And maybe -- if push comes to shove -- any messages I might ask my friend Papatoad (on his blog) and/or certain other well-known authors to put out on my behalf on the above mentioned sites.

Any other Internet presence, messages or announcements, purporting to have originated from me, are nothing to do with me. I would appreciate it if anyone who comes across such postings, would be kind enough to contact me with the details.

Hopefully it is needless to say, that postings on this blog labelled DC, DF or TW are from me directly. Those labelled Ronnie or RG are from my friend who steps in to do my posting etcetera, when I’m indisposed and cannot get on-line myself.


Hmm, all very confusing

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I've been under the weather for a few days. Not anything unusual for me, but that's life. However my friend Ronnie, came round earlier today to post "I took a memory to lunch" on the site. Well that's what I thought he said.

Apparently he changed his mind, and posted "Crystal's Chandeliers" instead.

Either Ronnie's getting more forgetful in his old age, or I'd better start worrying about my sanity.

Probably the later!