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Anal Probe

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I will blame it on an alien anal probe. My Indian doctor performed a colonoscopy on me this morning. That made me post chapter 19 and 20 which are identical. My story and I am sticking to it.


New Story

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Ever and Always

Today is the first posting of a new story. It is not to be confused with Ninth Grade. This is more of a drama. Imagine waking up in an indigent rest home with no resources, no one left alive that cares, then realizing not only are you awake and alert but growing healthier to the point of appearing to be younger. This is the story of Rick and Marsha. And no it is not Rick of Ninth Grade.

It is set in the near future but the only science fiction is things like your car sending you an email that its oil needs changed, oh yeah it is self driving, so it is going into town by itself unless you need a ride. I hope you enjoy the ride.


Story is Finished

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Ninth grade is now finished with Chapter 40 listing all the novels referenced as nighttime reading.
I will be finishing, editing then posting another story, Ever and Always.

When that is complete I will be writing Tenth grade. I have learned a lot about writing as my first attempt was in progress. I hope to build from there.
Thank you for all the kind comments, even the corrections were nicely presented. Thanks again. Ed


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Thought I had updated my chapter on this site yesterday. Sorry about that.


Books mentioned in my stories.

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Ninth grade, the Rick Jackson saga, was scheduled to be 39 chapters long. There will now be a 40th. I will go back and list the title and author of every book which Rick read. I started keeping good notes on the books around chapter 20. I hope I can figure out what the books were by my clues. I have read everyone mentioned.

To save a little pain, the books on economics other than The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith were not real. The facts are correct, I just used what I remembered from my economics classes.

Some of the extraneous characters met were not famous, but they were real. One of his sparring partners was a golden glove winner in California in the 1950's.

Did you figure out which member of the Dillinger gang lived in Bellefontaine after it was thought he was dead. All the clues are there.

General Patchett invented the machine gun made by Sterling.

I would like to thank one reader, whose name I have lost for Pearl Witherington. She was a real person and her exploits were as written and even more. A real hero.

In one case I did a reader a disservice. He spent a lot of time trying to find Ann from England and David from MIT. If you have checked it a restaurant is named in the story it was real and in business at that location in 1959. Hamburger Hamlet is one of those. Personal friends, Ann and David, from England and MIT actually ate there in 1959 so I placed them in the story.

For those who have noticed continuity issues, such as the British passport from Summer Vacation, thank you, I have been correcting them and reposting as I can.