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Richard Jackson saga

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And so life goes on. I have been very busy this spring and have not had the time to write that I thought I would. Since I am averaging a request a day of when the next story will be out I am doing an update of my schedule.

I am close to finishing Summer Vacation 1959. A week at the most should do it. Then it has to be edited. That will take up to two weeks. So we are looking at the last week of March or first week of April at the soonest. The story is around thirty thousand words so it is more of a novella than a chapter, and not quite a novel.

As for Tenth grade, I have plotted out the story, now to write it. I really hope to start posting before the end of the year. I will not post until I have at least ten chapters ahead. I hate to miss postings once it starts.

To give a hint or two on vacation, I still carry the brief case I bought at Harrods in Buenos Ares in the 1980's. The pothole story is absolutely true and was related to me by the Managing Director of the Firestone Rubber Plantation in Liberia, we were sitting on the veranda of the guest house at the time. King Neptune did give me some god awful concoction to drink. I did not learn to Tango in an Argentina whorehouse (my story and I am sticking to it.) I have stayed at the Plaza on the Strand in London.

Other than that it is all true. Give or take a lie or two.

Missed Chapter in Ever and Always

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For those that bother to read the blogs there is a missing chapter. When I posted Chapter 37 I repeated the words in Chapter 36 and so the actual words in Chapter 37 were not posted. I have now corrected that. So please reread Chapter 37. My apologies for the error, but just think sometime in the far distant future you can say, yeah I read him when he was just learning his trade, what a putz!

Thanks for your many kind words. For those that disagree or even agree politically, well that is the reality of what is playing out in our country today, as to the correctness, rightness or any other ness, I don't have the faintest clue, history will judge.


Dupicate Chapter

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I guess chapters 36 and 37 are the same. I don't have time to fix it this morning, so just posted Chapter 39. I will have to go through numbering later.


Columbia vs Colombia

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As one reader pointed out one is a country the other a school, or river or what have you. Corrected and thanks.

Early posting

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As a mea culpa to the many readers who pointed out that Chapters 19 and 20 were the same I have posted two more today. 20 has been corrected and here are 21 and 22. Thank you all for pointing this out. I found the error was skipping from Chapter 18 to 20 in the original manuscript.