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Don't get excited

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Don't get excited but I managed 1500 words today, more than I have done in the last two months. Believe it or not I want to write the story but currently it is like wading through molasses.

Don't feel like writing

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I could come up with many excuses, busy etc. Fact is I don't feel like writing right now.


Chapter 3 pop quiz winners, answers, Chapter 4 questions.

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Congrats to those who got all the answers to Chapter 3 pop quiz: rkb2745, xofdallas, pbsilver, rph58 and a honorable mention to BuickGS for best defense of a wrong answer.

1. Who did Bill McGarry fly for in real life? Flying Tigers
2. What book was about the window washer? How succeed in business without really trying.
3. What was the name of movie about World War II submariners? Up Periscope the most missed question. Warner Brother filmography shows that movie was released early 1960 so was filming at studio in 1959.
4. Who as George Burill in real life? First sheriff of Los Angeles County.
5. In the first Mr. Magoo cartoons he was a take-off of this real life person. He sounded like W.C. Fields, but spoke nasty like Senator Joseph McCarthy.
6. Rip Robertson was a leader in what famous real life event? Bay of Pigs was what I was looking for, but accepted overthrowing of a central American government and sinking a British ship accidently. Thought it was Russian.

Chapter 4 Pop Quiz

1. Who did Rick pull from the water at the Santa Monica Pier?
2. What book was Wormold in?
3. Who did Rick cross swords with?
4. Who did Mum teach the head-slap to?
5. What did the real-life Bill Spurgeon do?
6. Who was that Madison Avenue guy?
7. What songs did Rick and his friends listen to?

Richard Jackson Chapter 2

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Just posted Chapter 2. Won't promise any sort of schedule. That said goal is chapter every two weeks.

Richard Jackson Saga

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I'm starting to get 'write faster' emails. No problem with that, but here's the deal. When I was issuing a chapter a week I was not working, it was therapy. Now I'm doing contract work part time, about half my time. At this point I just finished Chapter Three. Unless it is derailed my plan is to start issuing Chapters every other week starting the Friday of the last week of March. As it is said, you can have it cheap and fast, cheap and good, fast and good, but not all three at once. In this case cheap and good is the only options available.