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Chapter 10 has been corrected

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Updated Chapter 10 with my eagle eyed readers findings.

Chapter Ten update

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Starting to get the emails about where is Chapter Ten. Won't be this month. I am traveling every week. That is the bad news. The good news is that this is the last month of work. I have give written notice that I am ending my contract. At 73 I am really retiring. I do have plans to write. Not making any promises of how that will play out.

Chapter 9 reposted

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I have corrected errors in Chapter 9 and reposted it. The most famous, over 50 emails was the cut off of the final words. For some reason when I copied and pasted it didn't carry over. Had to submit and type in after pasting in. To show you what errors can come up, here is a list, this is after 4 checks, including two software driven.

-cut off ending

-Mrs. Hernandez became Mrs. Rodriquez

-Farriers shoe horses, not blacksmiths (I knew that! Dang)

-used correspondence when meant correspondents.

-Had Popeye and Sybil arrive twice

-Forgot Rick got a weekly stipend from studio, no change to story.

-Had Susan Wallace mixed up with Sharon Branson- Too many people, maybe I should kill a few off?

- to quick, should be too quickly

-French out of Vietnam in 1954.

-without a huge outlay, not with a huge outlay

-Introvert not invert

-Pointed out that Dad was in AA, true, and he will be in and out throughout the story.

-Rick will be Sir Richard or Rick, never Ricky.

-Formidable, not formable

-A general comment on commas, I am letting W0rd be the judge, I find there are several conventions but using the most common vernacular. Not what I was taught but hey.

-Haiphong is the port in North Vietnam, not Hanoi.

These are what sharp eyed readers caught. Thank you. Over 100 emails on this chapter, I think a record.

For those who enjoy the story and have told me, Thank you from my heart.

For the trolls I am sorry you have so little joy in your life.


Questions about food poisoning

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I have had several emails about why didn't more people on that flight get food poisoning. Simple. Eggs Benedict only were served in fist class. Coach would have had a cheese omelet or cereal, maybe some fruit. In the late 1960s I did fly on 707s in both coach and first, so this is from actual experience.

I was being kind to you dear readers. I thought about having it through out the entire aircraft. But the thought of the stench and human misery was more than I could stomach.

Corrections Chapter 7

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I have received 47 emails since posting Chapter 7. Everyone was polite so was easy to react to. By far the most noticed was the fact the 737 wasn't from that time frame, nor the 727.

I had the wrong altitude for a east bound flight.
Flaps down to slow down.
Dump fuel at a slower speed to not tear wings off.
Not TRACON but ARTCC and control centers.
Different wording mistakes.
The Henry golden boy wrong gun. 44 mag is the Big Boy. (I have one in my gun safe!) Oh well.
Last note on flying stuff. Took my aircraft information from Boeing flight check list for a 707-131b. They tell how to dump fuel, but not to slow down!
There was also a note on radio frequencies but not doing anything on that.
Again Thanks to all, I know they seem like nits to some, but to others they interrupt the flow.