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All the characters in my story are fictional and come purely from my imagination all of them including politician or religous leaders, after all how could anyone actually believe they were REAL?

I write for my own enjoyment, I do appreciate constructive critism of my STORY. I know my grammar, puncuatin and spelling are bad so don;t mention them.

So send me feedbacck, if you think the stories suck tell me why, if you mention lack of sex then your not on my page because I set the category


2 Stories
The Howly-Howard series starts with Blind Sight and the story of Cassandra Howly Howard. This child the off spring of the merging of two mystical family lines inherits the ablities of both. One blessed by a God then other by their gene structure. The second story is the continuation of Cassandra "Cassie" story. She moves to Virginia to get away from her hometown where everybody knows her and would be shock at the changes in her.