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All the characters in my story are fictional and come purely from my imagination all of them including politician or religous leaders, after all how could anyone actually believe they were REAL?

I write for my own enjoyment, I do appreciate constructive critism of my STORY. I know my grammar, puncuatin and spelling are bad so don;t mention them.

So send me feedbacck, if you think the stories suck tell me why, if you mention lack of sex then your not on my page because I set the category

Abrigal Silverlocks

Abrigal Silverlocks wrote a book that began the Chronicles of Abrigal Silverlocks. This book was Here A Geas, There A Geas, Everywhere A Geas, Geas, Geas. This book had so many geas cast on it to get it published that in the books store any person with an interest was forced to buy it. This lead ot thousands of young people reading the book. Then to try out a spell. Then they were hook, Abrigal basically ended up with all these new spellcaster as her apprentice. Which was the 2nd book in the Chronicles an Apprentice Grimoire. This last book was about her interaction with a couple of these newe magic users. Further books with be more about these people who learn to use magic .