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Iam a non-service connected disable vetern of the USMC. I have grind optical lens, made chemical soaps, build electronic control devices, managed a convience store. installed burgular alarms, been first responcee to burglary, programmed computers, and drove a taxi cab. I have a AA,AAS,and a BBA degrees all with honors.

I am now 64 blind in my right eye, and semiblind in my left, a diabetic with neuropathy of both lower legs and both hands. Have three rupture disc in my neck.

My grandmother and both her borther and sister live to be over 100 years old. and she was in worse shape at my age then I am. So I dont expect to shove off from this mortal coil any time soon.

I tell my family that I waited, they use to tell me that should write, till my eyesight was so bad that I could not read my stories befoe I started writing.

I doubt that there is any plot or story idea that I have not already heard, all new ones are adaption of previous works.

So whenever I hear of some new writer scared that someon will steal his idea I laugh my head off. Its not the idea that is important it how well you write about it.

I am sorry but you will, as readers of my stories, see many a mis-spelled words(mostly from my bad eyes) and really bad grammar. My mother was from Tennessee and had a 3rd grade education. My Father was from Arkansas and had a 4th grade eduation. Both states are well known for having accent, poor grammar and backwoods dialects. They raised me till I was 7 then the schools started. I lived in California, Indiana, Louisania, Georgia, and finally Texas all of which I went to school. Each school came to the conclusion that I must have a speech impediment. I finally told one since I could not speaking American I just would settle for Southerner. I ignore them the rest of the time I was in School. I ahve taken creative writing in college and made the highest grade in my class. A play I wrote was submitted to a Regional College competittion wher it came in 2nd place.

So I know that grammar is not the most important thing about writing. It's making your idea understandable and intriguing.