Grandpa Jones - An Experiment — A Universe from the Mind of Misguided Child

What bit of advice would you want to pass along, to a grandson or granddaughter? I'm talking about the kind of advice that you would want them to pass to their grandchildren. How would you convey that advice in a way they could understand. Remember, in this experiment, you are speaking across generations. Assuming of course, that your relationship was such that they would listen at all. So how do you give them your advice, despite a relationship that could sometime be called marginal? Humor is a tool to convey information! Lectures are also tools for conveying information. It is the nature of tools to wear over times. The difference between Humor and Lectures, is the rate at which the tool wears. The tool Lecture quickly loses its edge, while Humor can stay sharp forever. Use humor when communicating across generations to focus their attention. Sometime, it actually works.

1 Teenagers!

Another Grandpa Jones Story. God decides to pull the plug on mankind. His angels remind him that he needs to follow the rules before destroying Man. God has to interview a human before he can destroy Man. The selection process is onerous, but they finally settle on Grandpa Jones. Does God know what he's in for?

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2 Grandpa Jones

Grandpa Jones is in the hospital. That doesn't prevent him from providing a teaching moment for his favorite granddaughter and her boy friend. He wondered afterward, if anything he said made sense to them.

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