The World of Xeuxondra — A Universe from the Mind of Celtic Bard

Have you ever wondered where the magic went? In the Middle Ages and before, the world was alive with magic. Where did it go? Perhaps the monotheistic religions and growing nation-states of the world crowded out those of us who could tap into Nature that intimately. Perhaps they harnessed their power to escape to another world. Perhaps they went to Xeuxondra to flee persecution and ensure a future free of fear and oppression for their children. Perhaps Xeuxondra was already populated by other refugees looking for a place to call home in peace. These are short stories dealing with a series of novels I have written, the first of which was published with the title Reign of Madness. Most are unrelated to the novels or each other and merely use a world I created as a setting.

1 House of Samuelson

In the history of Humanity on Xeuxondra, few have grown into the power and might that the House of Samuelson has and maintained that power. Beginning with a single man, Sigurd Samuelson, a warlord of both conquest and diplomacy, the House of Samuelson put down deep roots in the Hildesberg Mountains following the wars of expansion. In the next few centuries they would grow to dominate the Empire of the Zauberin. This is a history of that House. THIS IS NOT A STORY!

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2 A Stranger in an Even Stranger Land

What do you do in a future where the world does not know of magic but governments try to control the paranormal? Escape, of course. But those who would control wizard Josef Samuelson are close to rearresting him, for good this time. His only hope of escaping a future as a government paranormal thug is to leave this world and dimension, if only he has the time.

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3 When Enemies Meet

In a time of war, you find your allies where you can, even if they are ancestral enemies. Two Elves are sent on a mission by their priests to contact two Dwarves sent by their King. The two races, enemies for millennia, have finally found something they can come together on: the Meezuar invasion. A race long thought gone has come back from across the sea to invade. To meet this threat the two races will finally stop killing each other and fight together.

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