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1 The Death of Love in Morristown by Celtic Bard

A Magic at War Story
Con is back in Iraq and Shameera is being posted to the Pentagon to keep her out of harm's way. On her way to DC, Shameera decides to stop by her soon-to-be in-law's for a long talk with her love's sister about a cryptic comment Con made about why he ran so hard from her. What happened in Con's past that true love spooked him so? Is it something that will threaten his hastily bonded relationship with Shameera? She has decided she has to know the secret and only Maeve can enlighten her.
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Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Romance, School, Military, Christmas, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Magic, Football
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2 I Didn't Know by Lapi

'I love New York' has different meaning to people. Some have little choice, others like the $27 bagel and coffee, or maybe it's the genuine, 'Coach' purse or name brand scarf at $9.99. Buying-in can do it too. Owning a place changes how one views a home there. Football(not talking Qatar Soccer here) can do it too, those multi-million dollar contracts change you too.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: General
Tags: Coming of Age, Romance, Rags to Riches, Football
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3 Know Your Enemy by Lapi

Ignorance can often be your worst enemy. In some cases one does not or can not see the 'forest from the trees' or what is right in-front of them. Not just a football story but more about people and options in life itself. Yes I use The Eagles only because of the short time I've spent in KC.
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Age Rating: Older than 17 | Genre: General
Tags: Coming of Age, Crime, Drama, Politics, Religion, Rags to Riches, Football
Downloads: 232 | Votes: 6 | Score: 5.60
Size: 41KB | 8,078 words | Posted: in progress
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