Poem For/from Lazlo Zalezac's List: 'Facts of Life'

by ffwd

Copyright© 2022 by ffwd

Thriller Story: Into every life a bit of truth may fall. The truths of life fell into mine. This is my homage to the creed called the 'Facts of Life' that Lazlo Zalezac invented for his novel, 'The Millionaire Next Door'. I recommend the story as one of Zalezac's best. BTW, TeNderLoin points out that "The Millionaire Next Door" is posted right here on the Fine Stories website.

Tags: Coming of Age   Parable   True   Futuristic  

Poem For/From Lazlo Zalezac’s list: ’Facts of Life’

Life is not fair because
The universe does not care.

No one is exempt from death
Since physics rules the universe
While biology rules life.

The physics of life are tenuous, brief and final;
But, still, there is almost immortality in my chain of descendants
And in any of my goals that my family remembers.

The only constant in life is change.
But there is always a choice.
Yet, wishing never makes it so.

A person can’t exceed their limits
Except that a person is responsible for their own happiness
And happiness knows no limit.

Still, sadly and grandly,
It is impossible to change the character of another.
Hell, I’ve taken a lifetime to change my own.

“Boastfully / boringly, I confess that these are not my Facts of Life. In my poem, the italicized words are taken, verbatim, from a fictitious list called the Facts of Life found in the novel, The Millionaire Next Door by Lazlo Zalezac which is currently posted on storiesonline.net and one of his best, IMHO.

Well, verbatim implies that I’d’ve kept his sequence, structure and punctuation, the enemies / essence of every poem.” -ffwd

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